Wetting pants as an adult

By far my worst time wetting my pants was about ten years ago. A man of my age should have known better! I had been invited to a friends presentation which was a meal in a swanky hotel. I knew it would be followed by a few beers afterwards, so I decided to take the train which was about a forty minute journey. Being the occasion it was, I dressed smartly in white shirt with tie and a grey lounge suit.
The evening was fantastic and l felt kind of proud for my friends success. As expected beers flowed afterwards, l was keeping an eye on the time as l had to catch the last train back, fine still half an hour, one more drink, stop off at bathroom, two minute walk to station, what could be more straight forward?
I looked at my watch again, somehow twenty seven minutes had flown by in what seemed like five minutes. I swallowed the last of my beer, shouted a general goodbye to all and legged it to the station, in fact reaching the platform just as the train was pulling in…..phew, close, only l had forgotten to do one thing!
Never mind, l was uncomfortable but a forty minute train journey and a ten minute walk the other end should be manageable
I guess the cold air, being slightly drunk and sitting down was a bad combination for me as It wasn’t long before my discomfort turned to urgency. Surprisingly for a Friday evening the train wasn’t very full of passengers, may be ten other people. The train slowed down and eventually came ta a halt about half way through the journey. An announcement came over the tannoy that there was a minor delay and we would be moving asap. Now l was getting desperate, l had already done a little bit in my pants. Luckily I had sat at a seat with a table in front of me so my bottom half was hidden from view. I started holding the end of my cock not that it made any difference, l was cursing myself for not watching the time. sudden relief as the train jolted and pulled away, it was a good 15 minutes we had been stationary
But oh dear, that was not the only relief, it was wet, it was warm and l cannot lie, it felt amazingly good. I pushed myself back into the seat as far as l could looked down and saw the area between my legs turning a darker shade of grey. Because l had pushed myself so far back, the pee was running underneath me spreading across my buttocks and into the seat. I felt very guilty at what I was doing and stopped the flow as soon as I could
The damage was done, three more stops till I had to get off. No way we’re the other passengers getting off before me so l would have to run the gauntlet to the door and show off my two tone trousers.
As we slowed down for my station, l sat in my seat until the last possible second then made a dash for it. It made no difference, a guy down the carriage looked my way and announced ” bloody hell mate, you’ve pissed yourself” I lept off the train and a sideways glance told me there were half a dozen people looking and cheering me. Although totally embarrassed and humiliated, knowing l would never see any of them again made feel just a little excited.
Having got home unseen by anyone else, l inspected the damage, a huge patch between my legs and the whole (and hole!!) of my backside was soaked. It was a good to get undressed as by now it was starting to feel cold and itchy….rather uncomfortable

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  1. You’re right, gryffindor, if the cards were turned l think l would have joined in too

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