wetting on the train

    The train moved forward with a jerk as it pulled out of the station, throwing me forward. Grabbing the center pole in front of me, I struggled to regain balance on my high heels. It was ten o’clock at night and I was exhausted. Thanks to the new girl calling off at the restaurant, I had to work an twelve hour shift, got off late, and had to run in order to catch the last train home. As a result I was cranky, tired, and badly had to pee. Currently, it was the latter that was most distracting.
    Shifting, I rested my forehead on the cool metal of the center pole. God, I hated late night train rides. Around me, people in various stage of intoxication inched forward in a effort to lay claim to the limited free space on the train. As a result, I found myself forced against the metal rod in front of me. To make matters worst, my current position was putting pressure on my bladder. I had not had a chance to go to the bathroom since my lunch break at three and I was beginning to feel the strain. Grinding my legs together beneath my short pleated blue skirt, I cursed myself for drinking so much before glancing at my watch. It would take almost fifteen minutes for the train to get to my station and the nearest bathroom. I would just have to grit my teeth and bare it till then.
     Absentmindedly, I began to shuffle back in an attempt to create some distance between my abdomen and the pole, but instead, bumped up hard against the person behind me. I turned to apologize only to find myself stunned into silence. Directly behind me stood the most beautiful man I had ever seen, easily six feet and slight of built with blond hair.  He smiled at me, displaying a dazzling array of perfectly white teeth.
    Staring into his bright green eyes, I struggled to regain my wits before muttering. “Sorry about that.”
    Adonis smile widened as he shook his head. “No problem, beautiful.” he responded, causing me to blush scarlet. “I understand. Not much room back here. Heading home from work?” he asked me eying my short waitress uniform. I blushed and silently cursed Saul the lecherous old man who owned the bar I worked for. Saul got his kicks out of putting his female employees in ridiculously short skirt and tight shirts which left very little to the imagination. He was a dick, but he was the only guy in town who didn’t believe in waitress’s wage so most of us just put up with his leering.
    Tugging my jacket closed against my skin tight top, I attempted to offer a nonchalant smile. “Yeah, late shift.”
    “That explains it then.” He said, offering me another soul shattering smile. “I ride this train all the time and I am sure I would remember someone as lovely as you.”
    What a charmer. I thought.  Too bad flirting is the last thing I want to do right now. The clicking of the train along the tracks was causing my bladder to slosh in the most uncomfortable of ways. However, the women in me would not let me let the opportunity interact with this man pass me by. “Thanks I try.” I responded lamely.
    Adonis didn’t seem to notice. Instead, he leaned forward, closing the scant distance between us. My heart immediately sped up in response.“So, where you heading now? Off to meet up with your boyfriend I suppose.” He questioned.
    I let out a laugh, immediately regretting it when the action caused my bladder to give out a sudden throb. I tried to keep my face normal as I responded. “No, just heading home.”
    “Such a pity. A girl like you should be tearing up the town.”
    I laughed again, my legs bowing a little. I forced myself to straiten and was about to respond when the train made a sudden jolt forward. I gasped as I slammed hard against the pole in front of me. The surprise of the jolt mixed with the shock of the impact against my taxed bladder caused a small drop of urine to soak into my lace panties. I cried out, a hand flying instinctively to my crotch. I quickly stopped the flow, dropping my hands, and glanced around me to see if anyone had noticed my laps. The rest of the train’s occupants were busy glancing about and debating among each other as to the cause of the unscheduled stop.
    “Looks like there might be trouble.” a voice said directly in my ear. I jumped, another drop of urine escaping my control. Now, I could feel the small circle of dampness pressed against my most intimate of areas.    
    I turned and offered Adonis an uneasy smile. “How can you tell?” I asked.
    “The conductors usually try to inform the passengers when they know they are going to make an unscheduled stop in order to avoid panic.  Since they did not say anything, one can assume they did not know we would be delayed. At any rate, they should tell us what is going on shortly.”
    As if prompted, the train intercom system buzzed. “Sorry folks. There seems to be some damage in the track-line a few feet ahead. Headquarters have asked us to stop until it can be prepared. I am sorry to inform you that there will be a forty minute delay before we can get back underway.”
    Around me, the train passengers erupted into angry complaints. However, I was paying attention. Forty minutes.  Forty long minutes. My bladder gave a throb at the very thought. I was not even confident that I would make it the fifteen minutes the ride usually lasted and now I would have to wait almost an hour. I groaned aloud at the thought. Adonis must have heard me because I suddenly felt  his knuckles brush soothingly across my back. “Don’t worry.  I am sure everything is going to be fine. They will get the train up and running in no time.”
    I gave him a half-hearted smile before turning back around and resting my head back on the pole to think. Trying to be discrete as possible, I reached a hand down and ran it over the front of my skirt, as if I was trying to smooth out a wrinkle. I was relieved to find that the fabric was still dry. However, I could not say the same for my panties. The black wet lace was clinging to me, the dampness making the throbbing in my bladder even worst. How was I going to make it back to my apartment? Sighing, I leaned against my metal support and began counting the minutes. The first five didn’t seem so bad. The small amount of urine that had trickled into my panties seemed to have bought me some time. But after the first ten minutes passed, the other passengers on the train began to get restless and shift about.
    By minute fifteen, the train was a wave of activity as the passengers squabbled at each other as they fought over the few seats to rest there tired legs. Twice, someone slammed into me while trying to push their way to the front of the train. The first time I managed to keep from hitting the metal pole I was clinging to. The second I slammed into it hard causing a warm squirt of urine to make its way into my damp panties. This time I cried out as I had to struggle for a few seconds to stop the flow. My panties were defiantly feeling wet now and I was shaking with the effort to hold the rest inside. Oh god, what have I done to deserve this.  I thought miserably.
    “Are you ok?”
    I had to fight back tears of shame as I turned to face Adonis who had not moved from behind me. “Yeah,” I whispered.
    “Are you sure? It looked like you hit the pole pretty hard.” He stated. Stepping in closer, he wrapped his arms around me in order take a hold of the pole in front of me. Instantly, I was engulfed in the warmth of his body and the soothing scent of sandalwood. “Don’t worry. It wont happen again.” 
    Despite the situation, it felt good to be in a man’s arms again. For a moment, I forgot about my troubles and just relaxed into arms. Adonis responded by releasing the pole in front of us and wrapping his arms around me. One hand came to rest against my right hip. His other hand came to rest on the slightly extended plane of my stomach, giving it a comforting rub which felt wonderful given the situation. I sighed and leaned back, pressing my back against his chest as I let him support my weight. For a few minutes, we remained in that position. But then, his right hand began to move
    Instantly, i froze as I felt Adonis’s hand begin to travel downward inch by inch until it reached the hem of my skirt. Then, I felt his finger curl around the edge lifting it a few inches before one finger came to rest between on the hot apex between my legs. Adonis’s finger began to move in slow sure strokes and I gasped as a jolt of pure pleasure rocked me.
    I don’t know why Adonis’s touch was affecting me so intensely. Maybe it was the shock of having a man I just met daring to stick his hand up my skirt. Maybe it was the danger of being discovered doing something so embarrassing in such a public place. Maybe it was the fact that he was unknowingly stroking me through urine damp panties. I don’t know. But in seconds, I shivering uncontrollably as wave after wave of unrelenting pleasure washed over me. My overtaxed bladder only increased my sensitivity until I had to put my hand over my mouth to stop from moaning.
    Meanwhile, Adonis had stepped forward so that our bodies were molded tightly together. His breath was coming out in short pants, and he was grinding his quickly growing groin against my backside. It was so wrong, but it felt so good. Too good. The steady throbbing between my legs was swiftly building and I suddenly realized that I was in grave danger of losing control in more then one way. I quickly began to panic.   “Wait.” I whimpered, squirming in his arms. Squeezing my legs together, I attempted to take a step away from him but found the center pole blocking my path.
    Adonis tightened his grasped, pulling me back. “Shhh, its ok.” He whispered, “No one can see us.” He brought his other hand up to caress my breast and I moaned aloud. Encouraged, his hand picked up its pace between my legs. I could feel my whole body shaking with the effort of keeping from climaxing. When his other fingers brushed against my nipples, squeezing hard, I couln’t hold back any longer. I cried out as my body was thrown into the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced.  My knees went weak and I felt Adonis’s hand wrap around me, holding me up. My whole body became a throbbing mass of pleasure, every nerve set ablaze, burning until I was sure I was going to die.  But then a sharp stab in my bladder sent me crashing back to earth as I realized I was about three seconds from loosing all control.  Disoriented, I struggled to pull away from his grasp, but it was late.
    Adonis gasped and I blushed scarlet a warm gush of liquid hit my quivering thighs. My bladder  had given away and I could feel a strong stream of urine flow through my black panties. I struggled to stop the flow, grinding my legs together, but it did no good. Soon, the urine was flowing down my legs and pooling between my feet at an alarming speed. For a moment, I feared that the puddle would spread across the train floor, alerting the other passengers to my shame. Thankfully the urine flowing down my legs soon slowed to a trickle before finally stopping altogether. But not before my skirt, panties, and shoes were completely soaked. I had never been more embarrassed.
     Sobbing, I tried to turn and apologize to the man behind me who twitching hand was still frozen between my dripping legs. However, strong hands suddenly gripped my hips, holding me in place. Fear shot through me as I craned my neck to look up at Adonis’s face. Before I could get a glimpse, rough lips collided with mine causing my mind to stuttered to a stop. Adonis was kissing me hard, forcing my lips apart and using his tongue to map every inch of my mouth. I knew that I was moaning again, uncontrollably but could not do anything to fight it.
     Finally, he pulled away and I was able to get my baring long enough to look at him. Adonis was looking right back  at me, his eyes burning with lust his pupils blown so wide that the green irises were barely perceivable. Suddenly I felt myself being lifted up out of the puddle as Adonis stepped forward bringing his knees to rest on the pole. Resting my on his lap momentarily, I felt his hand disappear up my skirt to grab a hold of the fragile band of my panties and yanking hard. For a moment, the black lace bit painfully into my skin, then I heard them rip and felt them fall away. I then heard the sound of a zipper being pulled down and instantly realized what was about to happen. Panicked, I looked around me at the other passengers. Surely someone had noticed what was happening by now. However, no one was looking our way. How could no one see what was going on?
    Then, I felt his strong arms lift me once more and I could feel it. His hard member was pressing up against my thigh. I closed my eyes and mentally prepared myself for the first thrust. Nothing happened. He continued to hold me just above his throbbing cock. Confused, I opened my eyes and looked back at him, questioningly.
    He was glaring at me expectantly but I didn’t know what he wanted. When a few minutes passed without me saying anything, he growled. “I would never take a women who does not want to be taken.” He hissed into my ear. I moaned. Grabbing the metal pole in front of me, I pushed down with all my might until I could feel the tip of his cock enter my ready passage. That was all the permission he apparently needed for he instantly began to push into me with agonizing slowness. God, he is so big. I thought as he slid inch by inch into me, filling me up to the brim. He stopped there for a moment, letting me adjust to his size before he began to thrust.
    Having already orgasm once before, my whole body was quick and eager for his touch, within minutes I was thrown into the second orgasm, making me sob with sexual abandonment. I shook with pleasure. Adonis groaned and swore loudly as my hungry channel clamping down hard on his throbbing manhood. His thrust quickened and his breath began to come out in hard pants. Suddenly, I felt him hit that special spot within me and I cried out again, grabbing the metal pole in front of me and bucking. He hit the spot again and I could feel pleasure building in my once more. I bit my lips and ground my hips into him willing him to go faster. I’m almost there. Just a little bit more. We came together, clinging to each other as we fell over the precipice together. We were both struggling to recover when the train jolted and began to move, bringing us quickly back to reality.
    We both scrambled to make ourselves presentable before the train hit the station. Pulling my damp skirt down, I gazed around the crowd looking for anyone who might have seen us. Surprisingly, everyone seemed to be engrossed in gathering up there things to exit the train. The only person looking our way was an elderly women who was staring at me with blatant curiosity. I blushed and she gave me knowing smile.
    Adonis and I didn’t speak the long ten minutes the train took to reach the station. We both gathered our things and headed for the exit. I thought he was just going to let me go on my way just like that, but shortly after we stepped out of the terminal, he grabbed my arm and pulled me to an abandoned corner. For a moment, we just stared at each other, both struggling to find something to say.  Instead, Adonis opened his bag and rummaged through it a moment before pulling out a long trench coat. Blushing, he handed it to me and  said. “A girl like you should not walk the streets alone dressed like that.” he stated. I took the coat without argument and slipped it on. He nodded with approval and then turned to go. He got three steps before hesitating and turning around. Pulling something out of his pocket, he walk back and held out what looked like a business. I took it and studied it. Louis ackly. So that was his name.  I thought.
    Louis ran his fingers through his hair before explaining. “ Look I know that this is sudden and you probably don’t want to see me after what I did tonight but . . .”
    “I’ll call you.” I said quickly, and I meant it.
    Louis’s face broke into a grin as he continued to shift nervously from foot to foot. Then he stepped forward and pulled me into a kiss. It wasn’t like the lip bruising  kisses we shared before but it was still pretty good. Halfway through, I felt a sudden rush of liquid on my bare thigh and I pulled back. Looking down, I stared with shock at the quickly growing wet spot on the front of louis’s pants, before glancing up at him.  Louis blushed. “your not the only one who really had to go.” He whispered. I laughed and pulled him in for a kiss,  grinding our hips mischievously together until the warm liquid ceased. Louis and I then parted ways, both of us smiling, eagerly awaiting our next encounter.

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  1. Wow, best story I have read on here for ages. Train sex is a great fantasy of mine too. I posted a story a bit like this, but not as well written and involving poop as well as pee, on experienceproject.com I will try to put it on here too, and would love to know if you like it.

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