Wetting on a walk in the woods

I was walking in the woods with a good friend of mine, who knows I like to wet my tight jeans. One time, I happened to stop on the trail to look at something on the ground–an unusual leaf or plant–when he asked me, “Are you going in your pants now?” as if it was something I did all the time–in a public park! I had to laugh. I was standing as though I were about to wet myself–legs slightly spread, arms at my sides, looking down (guys always seem to look down at themselves while wetting–I don’t know why). Then I thought, “Hey, maybe I can wet myself!” Unfortunately, I had emptied my bladder in a toilet before setting out, so not this time.

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  1. I just imagined this little story and I was your friend! I was also looking down but I asked if you were going to wet your tight jeans because I WAS WETTING my skin-tight jeans!!!! I imagined your jeans were wet like mine!!! In my version of the story you wanted to feel my wet bulge and as you did I wet myself that other way!!!! Now my briefs were filled with cum and my jeans were soaked with pee!!!!

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