Some days like today I enjoy wetting my pants. I wear light grey or tan colored clothing and just let it come out. Just down the street from me is a guy that lives at home and pants poops and pants wets himself on purpose and sometimes in public. That is how I found out he does it. He was outside one day and I watched his pants soak up with piss. We are now close friends and his mom is cool. She lets him go in his pants at will and now I can do it too when I’m there. We go down in his basement play pool and do it in our pants. It is so much fun to just stand still and let it come out. When it’s big solid boolmpies (shit) it’s really fun. Having a huge load hang my pants down and then start a giant wetting. Yesterday his mom caught a glimpse of me urinating in my pants without me knowing she knew. I saw her and that brought on the desire to wet my pants. She is very pretty and I want her to change me some day. My friend did a load in his pants as soon as we started to play pool. He manipulates his bowels so he can do large ones at once. He did a huge load in his pants (boolmpies) and all on purpose. Just grunted and pushed it out at will. There is dirty underpants all over the basement from other times when he and I did it. Yeah, I leave mine there too. Makes me hard to see the evidence of a recent pants poop and pee. He likes shit! He likes piss and he likes BOYS! It’s so cool his mom lets both of us use our pants as a toilet. I guess I like boys too..especially the one’s that shit and wet their pants on purpose for fun.

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  1. This is one really hot story of freedom, naughtiness, and genuine natural fun you guys were having. Life is partially about letting it all go and letting it happen naturally!

  2. Sounds like a fun freind to hang with. I had a great weekend spent a lot of time on chat. Wet my pants on chat 5 times then this morning wet and pooped my pants on chat. This is fun when a couple more like minded people are on to chat with!!! 🙂

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