Wetting in Snow Pants

When I was 16, my parents rented a cabin at Snow Summit for Easter Vacation. Spring was coming, and the ski season was ending. My parents went off for another day of snow skiing. I stayed at the cabin and decided to nap in a deep lounge chair out by a steaming jacuzzi. I had been drinking hot chocolate all morning. Dressed warmly in long john underwear, jeans and snow pants, I soon I drifted off to sleep. Awaking around 12:00 I was desperate to pee. Too lazy to get up and strip off three layers of clothes, I figured I would hold until I was really desperate. Then, my sister and her hot girl friend stopped in for lunch. They sat outside and hung out with me. Soon a wave of pee desperation came over me. I was having so much fun flirting, that I did not want to excuse myself. Suddenly, another way more intense wave of pee desperation came over me. Time had run out. I was now straining not to pee, Burning to let go, I knew that I could never make it to the bathroom and disrobe in time. Feeling a little defeated I just relaxed my lounge chair. Acting as normal as possible while talking to the girls, I naughty I let go a spurt of pee into my long john underwear. Warm wet pee soaked threw my underwear, and puddled in the seat of my snow pants. It was kinda fun because every time I moved in my lounge chair warm pee sloshed in the seat of my snowpants. When my sister and her friend went back inside for another sandwich, I was beyond desperation and euphorically blasted a steady stream of warm wet pee into my snowpants. As I peed out, warm wetness pooled against my backside. My torso felt like it was submerged in a warm wet pool of pee. I got a little nervous when my sister and her friend came back outside to eat their sandwiches. Thankfully my snowpants never leaked out. They had no idea that I was sitting in a pool of warm wet pee. Soon they went back to the slopes. Standing up, a flood of pooled pee saturated the legs of my long john underwear and spilled out onto the deck. It was so much fun that I slipped into the steaming jacuzzi and slowly disrobed. I hung my jacuzzi soaked long john underwear, jeans and snowpants with all of the other wet snow clothing on a drying rack. My secret remained intact.

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  1. Very nice story. So naughty that you were sitting in a puddle of warm piss all while the girls didnt even know. Snow pants really are amazing for messing yourself. It’s also a lot of fun to poop yourself in them then sit down in the snow a squish around in your stinky mess. Don’t know if you’d be into that too but it always makes me cum in my pants when I do it ;).

  2. Great story. I have wet in my snowpants since I was a teenager myself. Still do today. Hope you have had a chance to keep doing it

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