Wetting In Front Of My Bro

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I’m a little apprehensive to post a story about my childhood because the guidelines say that anything about me being younger than 18 is a no no, so I’m going to write a story about the time I literally pissed myself drunkenly in front of my straight friend – real story.

The month of my twenty-first birthday (im still twenty-one by the way) I was in Pennsylvania because of a Farming Internship opportunity that I honestly just couldn’t turn down, so I went, with my best friend at the time and we were really enjoying ourselves. It wasn’t until like, the day before my birthday that we realized, “dude, you’re turning twenty-one!” so that entire week, while working in the sun in basically nothing but gym shorts, both of us were drinking and drinking and we even would take breaks to piss together off in the brush beside the crops. Ironically enough, our mentor actually TOLD us piss is a great weed/bug killer so “please, if you gotta go, go outside.” — A little back ground information — they built the houses on their farms and the plumbing wasnt the best, so shits and pisses were very public and everyone knew/heard if you were rippin’ one on the toilet. I had been walked in on so many times… but I didn’t mind, lmao. Because I’m weird. Anyways…

The entire week leading up to my birthday, me and my friend were completely trashed. Just trashed and picking weeds, trashed and irrigating, trashed and occasionally going skinny dipping. So one night we’re walking home from the bar, and as I’m sure you’ve heard a lot, getting drunk makes you really need to piss. Me and my friend are walking back from the bar to the farm – which is an hours walk away because everything in this little Pennsylvania town is so spread out – and I suddenly really need to piss. Like really need to piss. Granted, my friend has already stopped us twice so he could piss by the side of the road. He’s straight, so I save him the scrutiny and look away, but I’m so turned on by the sound of his heavy piss. I dunno about you guys, but I kinda base my idea of how big a friends dick is by how heavy their piss sounds. Thinking about how big his dick must be honestly got so horny, and that and my drunken need to piss got the better of me.

About 20 silent more minutes into our walk, I stop and say, “hold on a sec” honestly not expecting him to stop. I’m not thinking at this point. I completely let it go in my corduroys, flooding my boots, my piss and embarrassment streaming down the street as he stares in what looks like amazement at me as I completely fuckin’ piss myself in front of him. Why did I do it? I have no idea. I think my need to be depraved comes out when it wants to…

He’s silent for a moment, as I hunch and push, push all the alcoholic piss I have into my underwear, and down my legs, and into my shoes. Once I’m done, and after a long pause, he says “You couldn’t whip it out and go in the bushes?” I honestly could, but I just didn’t want to.

“Uhhh,” I try to respond. “I guess I just really had to go.” He didn’t even care. He just shrugged and turned around, and we both drunkenly stumbled back to the farm.
That was an awesomely extremely liberating experience, and the very next day, in his basketball shorts, HE PISSED HIMSELF BEFORE JUMPING INTO THE RIVER WITH ME!!! I was astounded. Straight boys, gotta love em.

This wasn’t a very impressive story, I’ll write some more. I’m very drunk right now. I love you guys. Add me, 5-star me, 5-star my videos, and let’s get to know each other.

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  1. It’s fun to do it on purpose and if you like the guy it seems even more fun to “push his buttons” or tread the water lightly to feel him out. Like does he accept you or hate you for doi ng such a thing in front of him.

  2. Last June I was skating at the skate park alone and wet my pants. A guy showed up as | was climbing out of the bowl and noticed my wet pants, He ask if I Pissed my pants and I said yea. He told me Ive done that and it is warm out and that I would dry off. He had a long board and we started talking about down hill rides. I told him that I feared speed wobble that there is nothing you can do but try to ride it out and stay on your board. He replied that speed wobble is bad and there in nothing you can do except pee you pants. I said yea done that, He replied Your not cool unless you pee your pants. He said he wets his pants only when he is drunk.. Last week I saw him at Wal Mart carrying his long board. He ask me if I wet my pants lately and I said yes last night. He said me too I was pretty drunk at a friends house. He said we would have to get together at the next party and wet our pants.. I hope he contacts me soon.

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