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hi guys!


first let me say thanks for all ur positive comments! (and i will ignore the negative ones!). also i wanted to answer some questions guys have asked. my dad never wet his pants (at least that i ever saw). but he did encourage me to wet myself and orgasm from it, so i know he enjoyed seeing me do it. eventually we became more sexual together, but i wont get into that here since it doesnt really apply to this site. but feel free to pm me if u want to talk more.


so anyway as i have said, my dad and i got to a point where he would encourage me to wet myself and get off, and he especially liked it if i wet myself in public. i think he liked the fact that i was both embarrassed but excited at the same time. so we continued to try to find places and situations where i could do it.


one time dad took me to a home improvement store. he had me drink alot beforehand but not use the restroom, so i really had to go bad when we walked in there. then we walked around for awhile, and i was feeling really desperate. then dad stopped a store employee to ask him some questions – a younger, very good looking guy. so by this point i was really desperate. it was obvious they way i was bouncing around, squeezing my cock thru my jeans, etc. then i just couldnt hold back anymore, and with feelings of relief and embarrassment, i let go in my pants. the pee quickly soaked my underpants (briefs) and jeans, running down my legs and into my shoes and socks. the store employee of course could not help but notice, and i was dying of embarrassment (but of course excited too to be wetting myself in front of this cute guy). so my dad looked over and said to the store employee that he was sorry but i had a condition and couldnt help it. he asked where the restrooms were, and led me there (i was so wet my shoes were squeeking and i was leaving pee behind me as i went.


once inside the restroom dad took me to a stall and said it was ok and to go ahead. he knew how excited i was. so i began rubbing my boner thru my wet jeans and briefs. it was really exciting because i had completely wet myself in public, right in front of a cute guy, and was now getting off in my pants with my dad. in a few minutes my cum gushed out into my already soaked briefs, and it felt so good. then dad led me out, soaking wet. other guys saw me. i was embarrassed but turned on all a the same time.


a time after that dad said we could try something a little riskier. we went to a nice restaurant, so i was dressed up in a nice shirt, dress pants (briefs under them), dress shoes and socks. once at the table in the restaurant, i drank tons of water (on top of what i had drunk earlier). i told dad i wanted to go to the restroom but not relieve myself. i had slipped my shoes off at the table, and i walked to the restroom in my socks. i liked walking into restrooms in socks in the hopes of walking in pee and getting my socks wet. i mention this because i know there are other guys out there who like wet socks! so i walked around in the restroom just kind of messing around and did manage to get them wet. i went back to the table, now getting more excited.


so back at the table dad asked me if i had to go bad, and i said i did. he said i could let out a little pee right there. so i did, just let our a bit of pee that quickly soaked up in my briefs. it felt so good! so we continued to do that. every so often dad would tell me to let out so me pee, and i would do it sitting at the table, soaking my briefs again (making them nice and warm) and getting my pants somewhat wet too. it was feeling really good and i was excited and feeling my wet pants constantly.


finally toward the end of the night dad asked if i still had to go, and i said i did have to go alot. so he said to let it all go, so sitting at the table, i let go and felt pee soaking my underwear and pants, dripping down to the seat, soaking down my legs and into my socks and on the floor. it was so great totally wetting myself in dress clothes at the restaurant! after my bladder was empty, dad asked me if i was hard, which i was. so he said i could discretely rub myself a tthe table. so i rubbed my boner thru my wet pants sittng right there at the table. it was great! and dad knew when i shot my cum into my pants from the look on my face!


well thats it for now, but i will post more soon. thanks!


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  1. I think you had a really fun kind of a Dad but what about your Mother. Was she part of your life and if so what was her attitude to your behaviour?What age range were you in when this was all happening?Do tell us all.

  2. my mom is not alive, so it was my dad who raised me. the stuff i have described started when i was about 14 and still goes on now!

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  5. very interesting story’s. Did you ever poop your pants in front of your father and if so how did that go? Did he ever wet or mess himself with you or by himself? Anyone ever see or know of there dad pooping pants and getting off? Hot fantasy

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