Wetting at the office

I wet my favorite and most expensive dress slacks at my company’s satellite office yesterday, video and pics already posted.  I normaly wouldn’t have, but cricumstances lead up to it that I had no control.  I woke up to snow yesterday, and decided it would be better not to go to the downtown office, but use the smaller office located closer to my home.  This is the office we use for storage and a spare office if we need one for out of town employees.  Also, my assistant was working at the downtown office and could take calls and process any incoming packages.  I had one appointment with the bank, so I had my assistant call and change locations to the small office.  Since I had a meeting, I dressed appropriately, nice slacks, dress shirt and tie.  I ended up getting a ride to the office from a neighbor.  When I got there I realized I had grabbed the wrong set of office keys.  Luckily we keep a spare door key in the hall, on top of a light fixture for visitors or people like me who forget everything.  As I was walking into the office, I bent down to pick up a piece of paper that had dropped.  I snagged the ass of my slacks on an open file drawer and ripped a small hold in them.  It couldn’t have been my cheap chinos, it had to be my $300 pair–my Favorite pair.  I could tell they were beyond repair and my appointment was in minutes.   I figured I could use them at a later date for some wet activities.  Hell, at least I could get some use out of them.  I got through the meeting by making sure I was facing him or sitting down the whole time.  The meeting lasted about an hour and a half, and he had brought large coffees with him.  At the end of the meeting I was bursting, and from the looks of it so was he.  As he was leaving, he asked to use the restroom.  Now, at this small office, we share the common spaces, like the bathroom and kitchen, with three other companies.  The bathrooms are kept locked.  And, I left that key at home.  Usually this is not a problem as there are other tenants present who we can borrow a key from.  Not today, since it snowed, the other three tenants decided to work from home.  He grimaced, and said he better head off to find a restroom before he got back on the snowy streets.  That gave me a nice visual, a thirty something, handsome man in a dark suit struggling in his car and then wetting.  It also gave me an idea.  I was alone in the offce, I had no key to the bathroom, I was bursting, and I still had to write up a propoal and email it before I left.  There was also a digital camera at the office for me to record it.  Suddenly my nuisance of a day was turning out for the better.  I quickly got the camera set up, and got busy on my proposal.  I was floating in my pants and knew I didn’t have much time before I flooded my slacks.  The office chair at that location is a Kneeling chair brought in by someone who didn’t like it.  It is not the typical chair but it surprisingly comfortable.  Within miuntes of starting the proposal, I couldn’t take the pressure any more and started to leak.   Once I make up my mind that I might have to wet myself it doesn’t take long before my body gives in.  At first it was a slow trickle, not even showing on my pants, and then it became a gusher.  AHHHHH relief.  My slacks were real troopers, taking up a lot of wetness without showing much.  The chair and the floor though–they were pretty soaked.  The foam in the chair sounded like a sponge being squeezed everytime I moved, and I almost slipped in the puddle as I got up.  I took some quick pics, and the finished my proposal.  I was kneeling on the wet chair, feet in the puddle, wet slacks clinging to my ass for a little over at hour.  Luckily nobody ever came into that office and the other tenants never showed up.  So, I was able to wipe down everything–leaving just a little scent of piss on the chiar, and leave out the front door.  I walked home, with some wetness still showing.  My coat covers my ass so I felt pretty safe.   I made it home, and even thought the day didn’t go as planned, I had a contented smile on my face.

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  1. Your video is even hotter with this account of how it happened. I’d love to know what happened afterwards to the guy you had the meeting with too.

  2. I had a real accident in a similar situation. I had a small office and shared the toilet with an estate agents office next door. One afternoon I found the estate agents office had closed and I had no access to the toilet. I had to get work done so when I started to leak I just let it go. Like you I had a long coat to get home.

  3. How sweet it felt!!!! The videos were fantastic!! I like seeing the white shirt and striped blue tie too!

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