Wetting at the Movies

I had always wanted to pee at the movies whether it be my pants or the seat, etc. It finally happened about a week ago.
I was going to the movies for a simulcast of a concert I wanted to see. I didn’t go to the bathroom before the concert even though I had to because I was going to let some out in the theater and save the rest for home. I bought a medium drink before the show started.
About half way through the first half I started feeling pressure on my bladder. I decided I wanted to know what it felt like to pee my pants at the movie now. I tried to get some to come out but I couldn’t. I tried for about fifteen minutes and finally managed to get a tiny bit out.
Once the first half was over and intermission started I had already finished my drink. Instead of going to the bathroom I went out and bought a large drink. When the second half started I immediately started drinking my new drink. The pressure was really building and I was starting to get really uncomfortable. Half way through the second half, half of my drink was gone and it felt like I was going to burst. Then something happened. Due to severe weather on the broadcasting end of the concert the theater lost the feed. That’s when I decided to get up and go to the bathroom. I went into the bathroom and into one of the stalls and locked the door behind me. Since I was horny I didn’t want all my pee to go into the toilet. I pulled down my pants but kept my underwear up. I stood above the toilet and released the flow. It started to pass through my underwear and into the toilet. I quickly had to stop once it started flowing down my legs and into my sandals. I then took out my dick from my underwear, pointed it upward and toward myself, and released again. I quickly soaked the front of my underwear. After a few seconds I decided to stop again and go back to the theater. The feed was still lost when I returned but they were trying to restore it. I then thought what the heck and released the rest of my piss into my pants and onto my seat. It was still dark in the theater so the people around me didn’t know what I was doing. Because I was pushing the pee out, which came out very easily because I had already let some out in the bathroom, a little bit of poop sneaked out. I let my entire bladder out.
They soon fixed the feed and I watched the rest of the concert. Because we missed a part due to the weather they replayed the part we missed at the end of the concert so we could see it.
I then left and headed out to my car.By this time my pants were still wet but no one could see the wetness in the low light outside the theater. When I got back to my car I had to pee again. Since I had already wet my pants I squated down next to my car and started to let more pee out into my pants. Then some people walked by so I had to stop. I opened my car door and found a bag in my car that had dirty clothes in it. I layed the clothes on the seat of the car and got in. I then stripped naked and drove home naked. On my way home I let the rest of my pee out and got the clothes on the seat soaked. When I got home I packaged up my wet clothes and still naked went inside. The poop from earlier due to its small size was still stuck in my butt crack. I went upstairs and layed some towels on my bed. I sat down on the towels and peed some more. Then I masterbated and had four orgasms. They were some of the best orgasms I have ever had.

Looking back on that night just the thought of it makes me horny. I want something like it to happen again.

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  1. That is something I have always wanted to do! Pee in my pants in the movie. I was worried about it dripping to the floor and people seeing my wet butt exiting the theatre, tho!

  2. Very nice story! I also have wanted to pee in a theatre, but haven’t tried it yet…I’ll write a story as soon as I do it…

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