Wetting at dog wash

A acquaintance of my mom was looking for some part time assistance for her sons dog washing business.  It was school holidays and my family was away visiting relatives, leaving me at home for the first time.  I took the job.  I was 17 at the time and still very quiet about my sexuality, but my body had changed and I always wanted to compare it against another male.  I had so many uncontrollable teenage hormones and was jacking off to department store catalogs all the time.  I don’t think anyone had seen me fully naked since I was a child and my ‘grower not a shower’ uncut dick could now become long and thin, and a thick trail and bush of curly dark brown pubes had developed from my bellybutton to my balls.

I called the guy the night before work and he told me to wear something I could get wet, and that he would pick me up at 7am.  I woke up with a raging boner at 6:40 and didn’t have time to jack off before i had to shower and get ready.  I put on a blue pair of speedos as underwear.  They were the first mens small size I’d bought on my own, and were roomy and felt so sexy to wear.  I’d only worn them to jack off into them until now.  I pulled on some black Adidas shorts over the top and wore an old tshirt and flip flops for work.  I heard the knock on the door and went to meet my new boss.

Hamish was in his late 30’s and would have a hot body if he worked out a little.  He was maybe a bit unsuccessful in life, I got the impression he was very smart but also very eccentric.  He was very enthusiastic as he introduced the day and told me we would be working at a festival and told me long stories about his other life and experience outside of the dog wash.  He parked the trailer and opened it so I could see the big bathtub I would have to stand in to wash the dogs.

The day started slowly with only one of us washing a dog at a time, but despite wearing a poncho, my clothes were still getting wet.  I could feel right down to my speedo was getting damp after each dog I was washing.  A lot of people suddenly arrived at the festival and there was a lineup at the dog wash.  Both of us were working hard to wet, shampoo, rinse and dry each dog, it was smelly, horrible work but time went by so quickly.

I felt like I needed to pee quite suddenly, but managed to hold it in and squirm while I washed a few more dogs.  I hadn’t peed all day and was drinking coffee that Hamish would bring from time to time. I wasn’t sure whether I could ask Hamish for a toilet break considering we were so busy now and everyone was very stressed.  I kept waiting for the right moment to ask when eventually, outside the trailer, I dribbled a little bit of pee into my speedo.  I felt the pouch become really damp around my dick and balls, but I thought the liner had absorbed it.  I hurried the next dog into the trailer and was so desperate my entire body shivered and I bent over and squeezed my dick shut to stop it from dribbling, but I realised I was out of time.  I felt another load of pee filling up my foreskin, and gently released it so it dribbled out and straight through my already wet speedo.  I felt a warm torrent of pee flow down my leg and onto the floor, only to go down the drain like the rest of the waste water.  I realised I could pee my pants and no one would notice.

Slowly I released the muscles holding my pee but retained some control so I could stop it if I had to.  I realised my dick was facing up and piss was bubbling through my adidas shorts.  I shoved my hand down into the wet pouch of my speedo and pointed my semi-erect dick down so it would dribble down my legs and into the drain.  I was able to really let go when my dick was like this and I pushed until I couldn’t stop.

Hamish brought his next dog in as I was still peeing and I freaked out.  I could smell the urine gathering around my feet but managed to taper off my pee and  kept washing the dog.  Hamish broke the silence to ask if one of the dogs had peed and after a long silence I got really embarrassed and said I thought so and kept trying to splash water onto the floor to wash the pee down the drain.  “Damn dogs…”

At about 4pm Hamish brought in the sign and pulled closed the sides of the trailer and we shut up shop.  I had been so self conscious all afternoon that my shorts were still covered in pee, no matter how much stinky dog shampoo I’d tried to splash under the poncho.  Hamish came to the back of a trailer with a small backpack and told me it was time to get changed.  I realised I forgot to pack dry clothes.  Hamish sighed and told me to take off my poncho.  When I did, I could really smell urine from my shorts and realised how wet they still were, as the black fabric of my shorts was clearly a different colour down the middle..  Hamish had clearly seen and asked again, in a joking way, if i had pissed my pants earlier.  I told him that I was really desperate and we were really busy and the floor was really wet, and he laughed and told me it was my job to empty the wastewater tank when we left.  He went back to his truck to get something and I stood alone in the back of the trailer wondering what was going to happen, but so incredibly horny,  I could feel my dick was now semi-erect but facing down so it wasn’t sticking out too much. I squeezed my dick to give it a little more room to grow as the bottom of the pouch around my balls was really tight.

Hamish returned when I had my hand down my pants and told me to strip down.  I wasn’t sure what he meant but he motioned for me to take my tshirt and shorts off.  I bent over and pulled my shorts down while checking the front of my speedos.  There were still patches of very wet, dark blue compared to the dry parts of the suit and my stiffy was obviously showing through the fabric.  I covered my dick with my hand, but Hamish laughed and told me not to worry, he was just going to wash me down with the hose we used for the dog.

I think he got a shock when I moved my hands and he saw the small boner in my swimwear, and realised why I was so embarrassed.  When I took off my teeshirt heart skipped a beat and I pretended everything was normal and tried to naturally cover my boner with my arms and hands. The cold water from the dog wash was uncomfortable, but he splashed it mainly on the fronts and backs of my legs.  We ignored the topic of my dick entirely, even though it became even more obvious the wetter and looser the fabric got, and was now tenting.

I was almost naked and nervously talking to this guy I barely knew and it seemed perfectly natural, just two guys discussing guy things.  I think he was intrigued as to why I was willingly exposing myself to him and he never directly mentioned my stiff cock, I could see him checking it out when he thought I wasn’t looking.

I tried to steer the conversation towards my dick and told him it had grown since last summer, and I was so embarrassed I couldn’t control it.  He acted shocked at first perhaps wondering whether it was pissing my pants or the boner that I was talking about.  He seemed to want to continue this conversation and as we talked, he kept glancing at my body. After a long silence, told me he pisses in the trailer all the time, and it’s all wastewater anyway, and not to worry about it.
 I felt my dick getting harder and tried to hide my shame by holding my hands in front of my crotch, but he handed me a towel and told me to sit down for a minute.  I sat with the folded towel over my dick and adjusted it so it was facing up.  I felt it getting harder after being released from such a restrictive position, but I mentally tried to focus on making it go down. When it was time to go I moved the towel away from my crotch and noticed Hamish stared directly at my cock, and when I stood up and removed the towel, my long thin dick was tenting straight out in the pouch. I tried adjusting it, but it would never hang down, just out.  Hamish told me to stop playing with it and wrap a towel the towel around me so we could go.

He dropped me home told me he’d see me at the same time tomorrow.  He left pretty quickly but once he was gone, I felt a huge rush from this experience and wondered what he thought.  We definitely had a connection. I was so turned on that precum had been soaking through the pouch of my blue speedo the whole ride home.  I wore the swimsuit all night and jacked off into it many times while I replayed the event in my head and wondered about the next day.

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