Wetting a friend in the woods

I have always enjoyed tight-fitting garments that show off my endowment and since being a teenager I have enjoyed wetting myself so one of my regular activities was to go for a walk in a local park known for ‘cruising’ wearing a cotton jockstrap (for extra absorbency and support) under a cotton/lycra pair of light grey cycle shorts. I would ensure a full bladder before setting out and also take a big bottle of liquid refreshment with me so that I could be sure of a large quantity of liquid ready to be released into my shorts when the opportunity arose. I was just returning along the twisty path from an unsuccessful visit to a secluded spot in the woods known for intimate activities when I encountered another guy. I told him that I was desperate for a pee and was going to wet myself at which he begged me to do it over him. He bent over so that his bottom was toward me and I pressed my crotch against his arse before opening the floodgates. His sighs of delight at feeling my warm wet flood cascading over his arse and legs were very satisfying to hear and when I’d emptied the last drops from my bladder we parted, making a mental note of each others appearance should we encounter one another again.

A couple of weeks later, a similar situation arose and this time he sat on the ground reclining against a tree with his mouth level with my crotch. Again I presented him with a copious flow of fresh urine, some of which he drank but most of which cascaded down his chest into his crotch, soaking his clothes which he obviously enjoyed. I forget how things turned to rimming but in return for my pissing over him, he volunteered to lick my arsehole so I lowered my soaking wet shorts and presented my arse to his face. I immediately experienced the pleasure of a probing tongue exploring the region around and attempting entry to my most intimate orifice. My friend kept this up for several highly enjoyable minutes before he’d had enough and I pulled my wet shorts back up and we went our separate ways.

That was the first of many occasions where I would pee my pants while standing over his seated body while he first attempted to drink as much of the cascading flood as he could and then he would reward my donation with a good session of licking and probing my arsehole with his tongue. We never exchanged names or phone numbers and unfortunately the Parks Department has done major pruning and removal of trees and bushes making that particular park no longer suitable for private intimate fun deep in the woodland. But I am hopeful of meeting my friend again in another woodland where I now go for my wetting walks.

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  1. next time you should get him to be behind you, take his erect cock and put it down the back of your briefs so that both of your cocks are in your briefs, and then both of you should open up and let it flow. that way his cock will be rubbing up against your ass, and then when he’s done he can slip it a little back and enter you from behind.
    or maybe it’s just me that wants that?

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