Wetting 510s

The 510 super skinny jeans, by levis, are great for pissing!  If you are wearing the black ones, no one can tell what is happening in your jeans, but they are so tight that the pee usually comes right out–no room for the urine to be absorbed–and makes a quick puddle around your sneakers and between your  legs, so if you want some show without much view of your actual jeans, this is it! If you want to be more of a show-stopper, go in the light blue, 510 Levis, that are distressed around the knees.  EVERYONE will know you’re going to the bathroom in your jeans, plus most  of the urine just comes right out, but enough soaks the denim to make your accident noticeable!  Especially neat at rock concerts when you have given up trying to wait in line at the portapotties!

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  1. I vote for making it a show stopper. Work the line at the portapotties, asking if anybody wants to add theirs to yours.

  2. You make me jealous since my leg size is fairly close to my waist size 25 vs 34. I don’t think it is possible for me to ever wear those.

  3. I need to update this blog about my wetting my jeans. I am still doing it, now with the 510 super skinny and 511 skinny jeans, although the numbers on the labels don’t always correspond with tightness–even though they are "all" levis! And the material varies widely, from good old denim to crappy cloth that stretches too much. I bought some 33×34 levis, of the faded blue denim with the name "playa," and pretty soon the jeans were too loose. So I went to a 32" waist, and even that is getting loose! Anyone else with this problem?

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