Wet Work Day!

So as most of you know already I do wet my pants/shorts at work a lot, but this time it was a bit different.  I normally wet in the warehouse.  Not that I’m afraid or anything, it’s just that I spend most of my work day there so therefore that’s where I end up wetting.  Anyways, today I held my pee for like an hour before work and almost had a real accident before I got to work and when I arrived at work I didn’t waste time.  The second I got outta my car. I stood pretty much in the center of the yard and flooded my denim shorts.  2 drivers pulling into the yard saw me wetting.  This was pretty much the first wet work day where I admitted that I wet on purpose.  This was a great day to stay wet because of the 102 degree weather.  Plus my co-workers soaked me with the yard hose which felt great as well.  ^_^

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