Wet Woodland Walk (fiction)

I was out for a run in the woods wearing my tight black lycra leggings over soft cotton underwear, running shoes and a figure hugging long sleeved grey teeshirt. I had stopped for a break and was sitting on one of several bench seats in the wood when a young lady also in skin tight black leggings and a tight pink top which showed off her ample bosom came hobbling along from the opposite direction. I say hobbling because that is the best description of her progress; she was obviously in some distress and she soon made it clear what her problem was by asking me,
“Are there any public toilets near here?”
I would have thought the answer was an obvious no so she must be asking with a view to the inevitable end as there were plenty of side paths leading deep into woodland which she could have used. However, I replied,
“Not that I know of, but don’t worry. Sit astride my lap facing me and we’ll soon solve your problem.”
She looked rather pleased at my suggestion although she tried to hide the fact. It was with some difficulty at containing her ‘problem’ that she climbed astride me and as her breasts were level with my face I could clearly see her aroused state by the stiffness of her nipples.
“Just relax and let it happen.”
I told her in a calm soothing voice and I felt her tense thigh muscles which had been gripping me relax and then a warm wetness which soon became a flood invaded my groin as she simply let her bladder empty itself into her panties and leggings with the inevitable soaking of my leggings and undies too. The feeling was absolutely delightful as her hot pee soaked my crotch, running round to my buttocks and arsehole as the flood continued for what seemed an age before it eventually stopped. During the performance her thigh muscles had spasmed and she had let out a groan of ecstasy so it was obvious that she had had an orgasm as she completed her deliberate wetting. I say deliberate because she really had no excuse for such a full bladder in a woodland full of very private nooks and crannies where she could have relieved herself with little possibility of being observed.
As she finished she said,
“Thankyou. That was wonderful!”
and as she started to get to her feet I said,
“Could we have a little chat?”
“Why not?”
was her reply and in the ensuing conversation she made it clear that my interpretation of events had been the correct one. She had planned on a wetting accident but even more specifically, she had planned on having the accident in my presence. Wetting herself while sitting astride me and sharing her warm wet golden gift had been the icing on the cake. She had seen me a few weeks previously as I sat on the same seat and peed myself. I had been wearing black leggings then too but she’d come along just as I left the seat and had noticed the wet patch where I had been sitting and as she’d seen no sign of distress on my face she had assumed, correctly, that my ‘accident’ had been deliberate. She had since been a regular visitor to the wood and had looked out for me. On more than one occasion she’d seen me wet myself or seen the wet patches I’d left so she was sure that I too was a lover of wetting myself. I then revealed to her that I too had a full bladder and would she like to be the recipient of my bladder contents..
“Would I? Try to stop me!”
was her reply. We both went up a narrow twisty path to a secluded clearing I had discovered during my many woodland walks and there I told her to crouch down with her back to me and then to stretch the waistbands of her leggings and panties so that there was a gap between her body and her clothes. I then lowered my leggings and pants, freeing my tumescent cock which I inserted between her panties and her waist. A moment later I opened the floodgates to let my pee flow down the cleavage between her buttocks, flowing past her arsehole and around to her cunt to refresh the wetness of her gussets with new warmth. I was still peeing when she orgasmed again, this time falling over as she lost control which resulted in some of my pee soaking her pink top too, which didn’t disturb her in the least.
When she had recovered we both agreed that we’d do it again and we arranged a date and time. My woodland walks have taken on a completely new meaning since that memorable first time.

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  1. What a ‘fun’ story!! You forgot to describe what her ‘panties’ were like!! No problem imagining the shiny wet leggings though!!

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