Wet the bed

WOW… Seems like it’s true… If you wear diapers all the time you get conditioned to not holding on. I had quite a few beers last night..( got shitfaced ) and went to bed without a diaper on. Now…I dont wet the bed by accident but last night I remember having a pee outside b4 going to bed and was going to put a diaper on but fell asleep b4 I did…. it was on the bed beside me in the morning. Anyway, I woke up in a really wet bed and wearing just a pair of Ginch Gonch undies and PJ pants…. couldn’t believe it but didnt change for about 4 hours …. YAY I am a bedwetter

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  1. Sorry… Just read your msg. I have been bedwetting for ages… sometimes by accident but often for fun… I have had to hide the fact that I pee the bed from flatmates and friends for ever and have only been found out twice. It takes a while to have a real accident but is great when it happens .. as long as its your bed and you are alone hehe. Let me know what exactly you want to know and I will help you with it …cheers

  2. have always been a bedwetter, maybe 3 times a week now, especially if i go out the night before, most of the time my diapers leak, sometimes i put on rubber pants on top. i really like to meet other guys that wet the bed…

  3. I have been a life long bedwetter. Will drunk piss my self a lot & just piss the bed every night.

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