Wet Sports Day

Andy was a young lad in his late teens, very athletic and quite popular at school and this is his tale of the day he wet himself on the bus on the way back from a school sports day.

It was the morning on the school sports day and Andy was excited as most young lads are about taking part in sports day, showing off their masculinity on a playing field to impress girls. Andy being no exception to the rule was already quite a popular lad. His PE gear consisted of dark blue shorts and T shirt and his brand new trainers got specially for the day.
 That morning in class he was preparing himself mentally and physically for the day ahead. It was a hot Summers day and Andy was drinking quite a lot of water so as not to dehydrate himself. After the last class before lunch Andy was feeling a need to go already which crept up on him rather quickly and he and the other guys made their way to the bathroom block before heading to get the bus to the playing grounds. as six of them entered the toilets there was a problem. 4 urinals and 6 guys, Andy was at this point quite desperate but was not the first one in and had to wait, squeezing himself through the fabric of his shorts and unable to stand still. eventually one of the guys finished and Andy ran up to the urinal, grabbed his 4in flaccid uncut cock from his shorts and proceeded to fire a strong jet into the urinal. They guys were all in a jovial mood and made comments about his stream and how desperate he must have been.
 The day drew on and the event was in full swing, Andy was competing in 100m sprint, cross country, and long jump. During the 100m sprint Andy started to feel the need to go and pee again but put it down to being excited and nervous about the race. He assumed the ready position and with a crack of the starting pistol they were off, Andy noticed that his desire to take a leak went away when he was running but came back again when he stopped so he decided to answer the call of nature. He informed the lecturer that he would be going to the toilet and the lecturer asked what events he was in, he told him he still had the long jump and cross country to do and the lecturer said that the cross country was about to start. Andy was not desperate at this point and he only had a need to go but not an urgent need so he decided to postpone this bathroom break, meanwhile inside his bladder the remainder of the water he had been drinking throughout the day was dripping in and as he was running in the cross country was sloshing around making Andy feel pretty desperate as the race progressed. In his shorts his flaccid cock was moving all over the place, bouncing off his balls and legs unaware of the immense stress it was going to be under later in the day when it would be strangled in a vain attempt to postpone the torrent that was going to burst out of his foreskin.
 When the cross country run came to and end Andy was in a desperate state, he went and asked the coach for the keys to the toilets as a matter of urgency and told him he would only have a few minutes and to listen for the next announcement for the long jump. Andy was also asked as a senior, to take some of the juniors with him most of which were as desperate as he was. They got to the toilet block and as Andy fumbled with the keys he was dancing a little bit, the kids ran in ahead of him and formed a queue for the 2 urinals and stalls, Andy was beside himself with worry, he knew the next event alarm would go any minute and there was a chance he would not get to relieve himself, he pinched himself through his shorts, crossed his legs and hoped for the best. One of the kids taunted him saying ‘you look like you are going to pee yourself’ and another of the kids said ‘look at him holding himself like a little kid’.
 Andy was pinching himself so much it was creating a perfect outline of his cock on his shorts and the kids started laughing, then the horn went off for the next event. Andy started to develop a cold sweat in worry and told the kids to hurry up, unknown to Andy the kids had blocked the toilets with paper so that they could not be used.
 On the way back to the events the waves of pressure subsided as Andy focused his mind to his next task. The long jump would probably be the biggest assault on his bladder of the whole day and he knew that after the long jump the coach would be waiting to take everyone back to the school for the prize giving but Andy also knew that if he got on the bus before voiding his bladder he would definitely lose control on the way back to the school. As Andy ran hopped and jumped down the track to the sand pit the feeling returned to him and as he landed in the sand box he thought he lost control and started to feel the panic set in where he did not know what to do. He ran to the coach and asked him for the key again and the coach gave him and angry look and told him that the toilets were vandalised when he was there and as a result he would not be allowed to use the urinal. Andy sense of panic and dread made him simply do a painful and worried walk to the bus where everyone was in a good spirit. The dead weight feeling in his bladder meant that Andy had little to celebrate as he knew the likelihood was he was about to piss his pants for the first time in 10 years. Thoughts raced through his head as he looked down at his crotch and imaged his cock resting there with his flaccid member and balls nestled in his pubic hair soon to become drenched. He leaned forward and as he did the bus moved out of the parking lot and over 2 speed bumps.
 Andy felt the dead weight racing to his cock and he grabbed hard with both hands which attracted the attention of those sitting round him, most of which rather quickly got phones out to record the event when one of the grown up lads would wet himself. The chants began to light up the bus ‘PISS YOURSELF PISS YOURSELF PISS YOURSELF’ Andy felt the dam built up in his cock about to burst and he clamped down as hard as he could, he could feel the blood building around his glands as they swelled being strangled by his hand. Then it happened, Andy felt the first spurt build up in his cock which was not really a spurt and more of a slow leak as his hands stopped the pressure erupting as it wanted to. The dam was broke and there was nothing Andy could do, he clamped down as hard as he could with the chanting still going on around him as the slow leak gathered pace developing a hissing sound audible to those sitting closest to him as piss ran over his balls and up his pubic hair, Andy let go, knowing that it as going to happen and just buried his head in his hands which were moist with urine. The flow did not seem to want to subside and the stream was running down his legs and absorbing into the seat. His best friend sitting beside him got the best view of the darkening of the fabric around his crotch and the sounds of the pee forcing its way out of his foreskin which was now beginning to regain blood flow and feeling as a result Andy started to feel the warmth coupled with the relief. The kids around him had got the video they wanted and not long after it was all over the bus and the school as Andy sat in his own pool.
When the bus returned to the school, Andy and his mate got off the bus last and Andy headed straight for the toilets to get changed into some dry gear, he friend followed him and as the two got changed in the changing rooms into their school gear, Andy noticed his friend was a bit excited by what he was seeing as Andy took off his shorts. Andy’s friend walked up to him and told him he had never seen anything as exciting as this and secretly hoped Andy would wet himself, Andy felt a tingling in his cock as he started to get a semi his friend reached down the front of Andy’s shorts and pulled out the still wet semi erect cock and cradled his balls, Andy quickly stood to full attention and the two went into the showers where Andy’s friend started to tug on his fast becoming fully erect cock and as Andy’s moaning got more intense for the second time that day he felt something rushing down his cock which he could not stop as he erupted a large shot of cum into the air, his friend kept tugging and pulled the foreskin back massaging it until once again Andy was pissing uncontrollably with no control. Andy and his friend discussed the days events and decided to go back to Andy’s house to play around a bit more.

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