wet sleep?

so i had been getting hornier by the day and had already pissed myself a few times wearing my trusted protective plastic pants. I knew that i needed to cum badley but also needed to pee really desperatly too. And to add to the fun, i needed a dump.

I prepared the room for an epic happening. 4 mirrors stratergically placed so i could see myself from different angles.A large plastic sheet on the floor and plently of towlels “just in case”

I decided to wear regular brief underpants and blue jeans over.

I lay down and look around at what i could see. It made me feel really sexy. By now my backend was beckoning for release. I was laying down with my feet upward so my bumhole was nicely open.
I was enjoying pushing slightly, then pulling back. Each time letting it come further toward the opening before pulling back. All of a sudden, i couldnt hold it and a great soft woosh arived with a crackle in my underwear. It filled the breifs and in no time it had spread around my balls and up my crack, helped a little by me continuing to push.

All this pushing had made me go stiff so i undid the top of my jeans and eased out my prick. I looked in the mirrors and felt really turned on. I started to wank and within seconds came with an enormous climax. I came so hard that the cum went over my head and landed on the carpet behind me. I was absolutly exhausted.

I still needed to piss, and it reminded me of when i was younger – around 13 i guess, , traveling home on the bus from school. The three mile journey took around 15 minutes. I used to sit upstairs at the front on the double decked bus, and would spurt piss in my pants several times before i got home. I would keep a lookout for other lads pissing their pants too. I remember seeing a young man waiting at a bus stop. He was wearing light blue tight jeans and i couldn’t help noticing the wet shape of boxer shorts showing clearly on his jeans. He must have wet himself on purpose. Anyway, on the bus i was so engrosed in leting out spurts of pee and  really not wanting it to stop, that i missed my stop on one occasion because i was enjoying the wetness so much

And then i woke up. I looked in the morrors. I was drenched. My underwear was wet, my jeans were wet and the towel i was laying on was wet. I had been dreaming of wetting myself and i actually had wet myself while i was asleep.

Wow! What a session

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  1. You can come & piss in my bed any time. With me in it.

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