Wet Ride

I am from Baltimore Maryland and recently was traversing via the Harbor Tunnel on my way somewhere and felt the urge to pee.


I saw traffic ahead was slowing and was hoping it was very temporary, as it turned out traffic quickly came to a halt, I then began to feel the urge more greatly and began a squeeze, repostion etc, mode and it helped for a few minutes.


There were probably 100 or more cars to my rear and around me so there was no way I could get out and do anything. Plus there are camera’s monitoring the traffic there.


I changed my thoughts for a few and the urge left, thank God!


Then about 5 min later the urge came back more intensley and I just could not do anything, so I peed in my khakis right there in the car.


You might know a man walked up to me to chat, so I did my best cover up but he still could see. I thought I would die, he said it happened to him three weeks earlier, then traffic began to move so I continued on my way peed pants and all!


Phil J from Baltimore

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  1. I’ve done he same thing in traffic backups on the interstate highways around Pittsburgh, PA

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