Wet pants at work.

I was working the other night at a restaurant TGIF and doing dishes – Friday nights are super busy.  I was doing dishes and didn’t have time to stop and use the bathroom.  I was getting caught up, but the bussers brought in a huge amount of dishes.  I couldn’t hold it any more so I pissed in my pants, (they were tan) and it was very noticeable.  I didn’t know what to do, and a couple of the managers we’re coming.  So I turned the hose on myself, and made my pants very wet.  I said the hose got away from me.  I later had to poop, so before I left for the night I pooped in my pants, and drove home in my wet pooped pants.  I loved it…..

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  1. Joe – your story was fine with me – been there DONE THAT numerous times, only maybe without so much hosing down. I had to endure the "wet khaki" look until they dried, but those pants air out pretty fast. Good luck next Friday … Maybe I can come wash dishes with you … 😉

  2. So tired of everyone just letting it out. How about some good desperation and actual,holding it in stories?

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