Wet pants at flea market

I just got back from the Brimfield Atique flea market in Brimfield MA. and I had 2 days of total bliss. Not only did I pick up a kick ass china cabinet (which needs a lot of work) but I slowly pissed my pant all day, constantly keeping a noticable pee stain in my crotch. The first day I wore dark Levis 505 jeans, where you kinda had to look to see the pee stain that was about mid zipper to mid thigh. As I wet the air and the heat dried my crotch and I was able to pee again without itrunning down into my boots. When we were done for the day and walking back to the car I went full out and flooded my jeans as we walked out of the fair grounds and into the field where the cars were parked. We passed 4 skater dudes that snickered at me and broke into laughter a few seconds later , I was tickled that the young lads had noticed my “accident”! The next day I wore green camo pants with combat boots……I looked bad ass as I walked around from vender to vender chatting with them while I sported a huge piss stain in my crotch. I noticed that a whole bunch of people through the course of the day saw my pissed pants because the would see my crotch and quickly look away. I must have looked giddy like a school girl because I was so happy and I haven’t had a wet pants day in public since last summer. I particularly fancied this one skater dude that had his grey skinny jeans so low on his ass that he really looked like he had a load in his pants, I followed him for a while and actually got a boner by the thought of what he was carrying back there. He was walking with a bunch of his buds that were sagging too, nice! I know it’s not like I was wearing light blue Levis and had no flooded myself but hey, the summer is young. Also, in the rush to leave the house that first morning I forgot the camera…..I know, likely excuse but I’m just as mad at myself for not capturing these moments on film either. Brimfield is having another one flea market in July so if you want to contact me and we’ll meet up and show the whole place our pissed jeans. Hope you enjoyed my true story.

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  1. Great ! As you know (read my story) I also love to wamlk through flea-markets, totally wet and looking at the people watching at me ! ;o)

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