wet pants

just sitting at home looking at all these wet posts.

Geting hornyer and hornyer.

Just pulled on a pair of tight fiting plastic bikini pants over a reglular cotton bikini briefs and jeans over the top, so i can have alittle leak every now and again

Have to have a big wank later

Hope these pants dont leak to much

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  1. I get the same way when viewing the videos and posts. I like pee and poop so I go between the two, getting more and more horny as the night goes on.

  2. always wear plastic pants underneath, not only feel great but they take care of the accidental leaks. Best over the shorts, and buy the shorter softer ones that don’t make any noise and are hidden underneath. Gals love it when you pull them down and "pop" out. They come in all sorts of colors too.

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