wet or what

yesterday was one of those days that just got me hornier and hornier. All I could think about was wetting myself. The more I thought about it the harder I got.

It started in the morning before I got up. I let a few spurts of piss into my pants before I got up. Pulled on an old pair of blue jeans and went and had breakfast. A few more spurts of pee while eating, and then a shower.

With the shower head on the end of a hose, I was able to direct it up my arse which made me want to piss even more. So I pushed out the pee and with the help of the shower head pointing in the right place, I let out a log too. Truly amazing feeling
A quick clean up and then dressing with a snug fitting bikini pant, some very absorbent (what I call my pissing pants) and finally boxer shorts .Dark coloured blue jeans over , a shirt and I was set up for the day.

With all the usual weekend drinking, by 5pm I was well and truly ready for a desperate piss. I decided to hold it and by 7pm I was popping. I could not sit still and was constantly squirming in my seat. My wife asked if I was ok a couple of times. I am sure she guessed what I was up to but she didn’t say anything. She knows about my kink and these days, just lets me get on with it.

So by 8pm I couldn’t wait any longer and knew that I needed to piss myself to relieve the pressure.

Oh the relief as I let go several very large spurts of pee into my underwear. The spurts were so long and hard that I an sure my wife could hear them as I revelled in the wetness.

I could feel my arse getting wet with piss as I continued to let go spurts of the golden liquid.

Between 8 and 10pm I let go huge amounts of wee into my clothing, slowly shifting my position so that first the front and then the back of my jeans got wetter and wetter. The great thing is that the dark colour was disguising the fact that they were really wet. The piss was beginning to soak into and rise up from my waist into the shirt I was wearing.

At 10.30 my other half went to bed.

I decided to get off the sofa to see how wet I was. I was drenched and went to look in the full length mirror in the hallway. Front and back I was soaked almost down to my knees.

I went and sat on the kitchen floor, knees raised and legs slightly open, and finished the longest piss you can imagine. It went on for what seemed 10 minutes. I expected it to leave a huge puddle of piss in the kitchen, but it didn’t. It had all soaked into my absorbent underwear and jeans.

I slowly took off all the sodden clothing, cleaned up and put on dry underwear before retiring to bed.

I might do the same thing again tomorrow before finishing off with a wank.

Happy pissing

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