Wet my pants in McDonalds

Last friday night was a wild one.


It was Pride in Leicester on the Saturday and I had decided to go to the pub after work on Friday (didn’t get home untill Sunday by the way).


Anyway to the story…


Well let’s just say the the pub was busy and there was a rediculous ammount of drinking.  Quite a few friends of mine turned up and we were all very merry.


When it got to “that time in the morning” when you get chucked out of your favourite place and have to find some place that you may not like but is still open… we decided to drop into McDonalds on the way.



I didn’t want to go but they did so I just sat with them, it was very busy in there, about 4am – usual chucking out time for the pubs.


Now there is only one toilet in this place and one of my mates had just gone in there so you can guess what happened next…


I was wearing black trousers from work, so I said to my other friend I’m going to go and he said, what do you mean and then he realised as a large yellow puddle started to form on the floor in front of me, there was so much, I am surprised no-one else noticed, but at that time in the morning everyone in there is either stoned or pissed so I guess I got away with it.  It’s a good job they have plastic seats in McD’s.


I can’t tell if my friend was turned on or not by this but the three of us went back to a hotel after McD’s and had a great time together, there was no mention of piss play or other, but we had a great time anyways.


Maybe next time they will venture into a little more than a regular threesome, I hope 🙂


Just as a sidenote, I have been back at work Mon, Tue and Wed this week and I’m still wearing the same trousers and I haven’t washed them, they don’t smell of pee but I know, and everytime I think of it while I’m working it really turns me on.


True story 🙂 I just wish I had had my camera with me!

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  1. Thanks for the account. Wish I’d been there.

    Perhaps some people might have seen what you’d done and were very turned on by it but pretended not to notice.

  2. I did on the way there, it’s not a particularly short walk and I was dying to go for ages, but I agree, it could have been brought into the text a little more, sorry about that, I’m not a very good writer.

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