Wet in public

I was at a carnival in town, and was going from ride to ride when I realized I had to pee.  I went to the porta potty, and was waiting in line I had to pee sooooo bad I was almost there when a lady with her son asked if she could go next.  I said please hurry I noticed the boy had a small wet spot on his pants.  I was standing there she and the boy went inside, and I waited I felt a strong urge to go and some slipped out.  I said lady please hurry and all of a sudden I just started peeing my pants I said never mind.  I had to poop too so i thought what the hell and shit my pants too and continued to play on the rides.  I met several boys who all seamed interested in my wet poopy pants one boy asked if I was embarrassed I said no and I noticed he was rock hard toooo.

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  1. Je préfère les mecs qui font sur eux en public, ils ont "des couilles au cul" … C’est tellement plus excitant !

  2. I like your story – that gives me a boner just hearing it ! – How old were you when that happened ? – Did you ever see that boy again ?

  3. Wow, I once was helping my niece change her cloths after wetting her self and I peed my pants in front of her.

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