wet day dreaming

am a bar tender in the bahamas and was serving some guests some extra drinks because they were so nice to me. when one of the girls pulled my hand and said if i can come with her. so i said yes and followed her to our store room. she just started pulling down my pants and sucking my dick. it was so scary because i do not no her and if i got caught i would loose my job immediately. she than lifted up her skirt and shoved my dick in her pussy and begin riding so hard that i almost cumed my self. she was moaning so hard that i felt we would get catch and started sweating from head to toe. she than whispered if i do anal. i was quiet for a while because i never did that before. before i could answer she pushed me on the ground and jumped on top of me and pushed my dick deep in her ass. hopefully my sweat made it slip right in. it was so warm and tight that i started biting my lips. she said am so big and this feels so great .. ohhh island boy. she started playing with her pussy and was having a orgasm but than something started pushing against my dick and just when she climaxed she looked straight in my eyes and said oops with a smile on her face. my dick pooped out and she shitted all over me. she was so imbaressed that she started crying . i pulled her close to my chest and said dont cry because i loved ever second of it. so i pushed my dick right back in her ass and she screamed because she was orgasming again. the shit completly covered my legs and chest. it was warm, green and smelled strong but i didnt care caused it felt so good. i cummed so hard it was amazing. i never saw her ever again. i miss that feeling so much. are there any girls in the bahamas who want to have a little fun well am here for you.

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