Wet date

Patty sipped from her drink, her legs crossed and her shorts pressing against her thighs. She was dressed perfectly, just as always. And that shorts really complimented her long legs. Patty really was the fashionista among her friends. But today she was out taking a few drinks with a man. He was a few years older than her, quite muscular.

“I should go powder my nose,” she said to her date, Jimmy. She put her drink down and grabbed her purse before she got up and smiled to him.
“Don’t let anyone slip something into my drink,” she said in a joking manner before her high heels carried her to the public bathroom. She almost wouldn’t even mind if anyone slipped something in her drink, as long as she ended up in Jimmy’s bed by the end of the night.

Patty entered the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror. Her make-up was flawless and she gave herself a strong 8 on tonight’s look. And deep down, she knew she wasn’t here to freshen up. She wasn’t really known for a strong bladder, but the moment she walked into the bathroom she changed her mind, didn’t want to sit down on a dirty seat. And after a moment of consideration, she figured she could hold it for at least an hour more, hopefully two.

After standing in front of the mirror for a while, just to have Jimmy waiting, she returned to her seat and smiled as she sat down and once again crossed her legs.

This was going great. Patty was having a great time with Jimmy, and it really looked as if she was going to go home with him tonight. After 45 minutes, she was struggling to stay elegant. Fidgeting a bit, but trying to keep it to a minimal. Patty was determined to always look good, any unladylike behavior or embarrassing happenings was saved for when she was alone. But right now, her need to pee was craving more and more of her attention, she just barely heard what Jimmy was talking about.

“Pat, are you listening?” Her eyes shot up to his face and she smiled politely.
“Sorry, my mind drifted for a moment,” she said, tried to sound a bit flirty, just so he wouldn’t think she had lost interest, because she was still interested for sure. There was just this urge growing inside her.

Judging by the face Jimmy then made, a face almost screaming “I want to fuck you”, Patty did give the impression she wanted to give. For a few seconds she could see his eye fall to her cleavage, before their eyes met.
“Do you want to get out of here?”

“Yes,” she said quickly, before she realized something. There was a huge possibility that this tale wouldn’t end good if she got up on her feet.
“Wait no,” she then said without thinking, and all the sudden everything felt like a small mess. And there was no way in a million years she would admit being in need of a toilet right now. And the toilets here were nasty, Patty wasn’t able to sit down on one of those.

“Yes, I mean,” she said as Jimmy’s face changed again, into a confused grimace. Patty was scared she was about to scare him away right about now, but her desperation stopped her from thinking clearly. She took a deep breath, wasn’t sure how to do this, but stood up and grabbed her purse.
“We should hurry,” she said. Just the thought of Jimmy understanding what’s going on made her blush unnoticeably.

As they started walking towards the exit, she could feel a tragic ending to this tale in a really near future.
“How far away do you live?” Patty gave him a desperate glance before she looked away again. He shrugged, wasn’t really good at estimating stuff like that.
“It’s a ten minute walk, I think.”

Patty gave away a heavy sigh.
“That’s not gonna work,” she said, her voice a bit shaky. When they walked out the door and the cold spring night temperature hit her, it didn’t really help. At all.
“Oh no… this is not gonna work!”

Jimmy put his arm around her, thinking she meant it was too far to walk because it was a bit cold. And he wanted her to feel comfortable. When he got pushed away, he looked at Patty not really understanding.
“What? Is it something I’ve done? Is it you shoes? Babe, I can carry you if that’s what you need.” His words were so gentle, as if he was afraid of scaring her off, just like she was. And he’d had girlfriends before, he knew those high heels could be a nightmare.

“No, no, no, no!” Patty gave him a desperate glance as she tried to walk faster, trying to get away from people as quickly as possible.
“That’s not the kind of need I have…” She seemed bothered by almost admitting her desperation now. A small smirk spread against Jimmy’s face when he realized what was going on. He just couldn’t hold it back.

“Relax, this is going to be just fine,” he said, but the warmth in his voice wasn’t really comforting at all to Patty. She was beyond the point where she was able to be saved, and was frustrated and ashamed as she tried to hurry down the street.

Jimmy was walking right behind her when he suddenly stopped and crossed her legs, panicking and giving away a sound of… Jimmy wasn’t even sure what kind of moan that was, but for some reason he almost found it turn on.

Patty on the other hand, could feel a small dribble of pee escaping into her panties, making them dampen a bit.
“Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no….” she mumbled to herself as she put a hand between her legs, pressed against her normally perfectly groomed and clean groin. There were no words that could describe how dirty she felt right now.

A spurt escaped, going down her leg. Her fingers were wet with urine, and all hope was gone. Patty didn’t know what to do, her cheeks were burning from the embarrassment and her eyes started to fill up with tears.
“I can’t hold it anymore,” she sobbed quietly as she let go against her will. It felt as if a flood was opened, and it lasted for a good twenty seconds. She probably ruined her shoes now. And worse, she would smell like piss forever. It felt as if everything lasted for an eternity right now. And when she had stopped peeing, it was as if the world stood still. Patty thought for a moment that she was going to faint or something, all sound was blocked out.

Patty returned to reality when she felt someone press up against her from behind, before an arm came around her waist.
“You naughty girl,” Jimmy whispered in her ear, while his hard cock was really noticeable pressed against her cute ass.
“I think we need to get home, someone needs a spanking.”

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