Wet at work. Again.

Just sitting here at work. Black slacks, dress shirt, white briefs. Bursting to pee. Don’t feel like walking literally across the hall to the toilet so I decided to start spurting here and there into my pants….that was twenty minutes ago. Now my entire crotch is drenched and there’s a wet spot on my chair a foot across. Ass, balls, cock, front all soaked. Fuck, good luck getting through the day now…guess I’ll just dry off before going to get lunch. Or maybe I’ll skip lunch and keep getting damp.

Just trying to break up the monotony of work with a little bit of fun.

Anyone else ever wet at the office??

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  1. I never have. I work in a large open plan office surrounded by a lot of other people and could not possibly get away with it.
    Do you work in an office on your own, or how else do you manage your wetting?
    I am presuming you don’t just wander among colleagues visibly soaking wet.

  2. I have my own office, many other colleagues on the floor, we mostly keep to ourselves and our own work, so it tends to work out that I won’t be bothered. Happened to be a quiet day at work so I tempted fate a little more than usual 😉

  3. So many times I’ll be bursting at work and wishing I could squirt a little to relieve the pressure. Way too busy in here though. :-/

  4. I have a routine I do at work. I’ll go to the bathroom stall enter and lower my pants but not my underwear. I sit on the toilet and wet. I wear lycra or nylon swim briefs which can almost be totally dried by using toilet paper. They dry so well that way that my outer work slacks do not get wet afterwards. I get a rush walking around knowing I just peed in my undies!! I often cum in my briefs and dry off the same way.

  5. Very hot, fun2wet. I may need to get some Lycra briefs. I keep going in my white cotton briefs, cause I love the way they stain. But they really hold the wet. I’m going again at work today and starting to lose control a bit 😉 I love sitting and pissing through briefs though, love the way it trickles off my ass cheeks.

  6. some times I will wear a diaper to work and piss myself. this one time I over filled my diaper with piss and my ass of my jeans was wet, everyone could tell I pissed myself. I did not care, I was enjoying myself!

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