Wet at the Comic Book Store

Went to the comic book store to buy the latest superman.  I was dressed in my skinny black pants, a black Element T-Shirt and black converse high tops.  As I looked at several books and had the sudden urge to pee.  So I let some out forming a wet spot on my black skinny pants.  After looking around at some figurines and went back to the book section.  Just as I returned I had a big urge to pee.  Since I was the only one in the store I decided to totally wet my pants.  I pissed real bad the shine of the pee was noticeable down both pant legs.  I filled my shoes and left a large puddle on the floor.  Just as I finished a group of guys entered the store.  I moved to the front counter and paid for a Superman issue.  The cashier was wearing a shirt that said. “I Pee In Pools.  I told him that I liked his shirt and that when I drink I pee in my pants.  He told me that he has done the same.  I paid for the book and walked out of the store in wet pants.  No one noticed my wet pants.  It is such a rush to pee your pants in a public place and have no one notice. 

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  1. I have peed my jeans very often in public. There is no problem if you are wearing black pants. Nobody will notice it.

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