Wet accident while shopping with wife

Hi all,


I was out shopping with my wife the other day, and I had a bit of an accident. I usually have great bladder control, but since i’ve been sick (bronchitis) the last two weeks I’ve had some issues with losing it quickly. I will get the sudden urge to pee and can only wait a few minutes before I get the warning spurts in my pants. So I get the urge while near the check-out so I quickly head for the restroom at the back of the store. I make it but it is a one person bathroom and someone was in there. I waited about 3 minutes but I started getting the spurts, so I went out and got into the car. I managed to hold the rest, but when my wife joined me and I told her my situation she got turned on and drove extremely slow back to our home. She wanted to see me jump out and hose down in the yard, I got ready (the trip was only about 6 mins) and jumped out. The motion of standing was too much and I totally pissed my pants as I was opening them. Needless to say my wife loved it. We ended up having sex three times that day!

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  1. Wonderful, now you know how to get her turned on so you can pee your pants more often. Sounds like a win, win situation to me!

  2. Man your are so lucky. I’ve pooped my pants when we’ve been shopping. I claimed I tried to fart but pooped. She didn’t even check my pants and I had a big firm load in them. If she had checked she would have known it was no accident.

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