Went shopping today and a woman that pooped her pants.

I don’t see this too often but this morning I was at our local Sam’s (Walmart) Club shopping when a good looking middle aged woman passed by me with her shopping cart. I generally check out the ass on most good lookin’ babes. To my surprise this one had on white pants and I could see the brown poop thru the pants. Looked like a good load, too. It hadn’t bled thru her pants yet so maybe she had on diapers or plastic around her ass. I’m sure it was there. . It was exciting seeing it and I almost asked her if she was a member of this group. I didn’t want a bad reaction from asking the question, so I just went on about my business. Further down the isles, I saw her again and intentionally got beside her and said, “Hi, excuse me please, and reach over and got a big jar of grape jam. (I rarely eat jelly & jam) so I put it into my cart, took one last look at her ass, then said “Thank you”, and left. I guess I should have made my move then, but I chickened out! Maybe she is a member and perhaps she will read my blog and send me a note to get together. I’d sure like to get to know her!

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  1. I can relate to this so much. I know what it’s like to chicken out of something that could have been life changing :c I hope you do actually get to meet her though!

  2. being an old timer at this, it has happened many times to me and out of the many encounters I’ve met 3 people into the scat scene. one became a life long friend, and others come and go. I have chickened out of many, and I do regret that sometimes, I just wish my friend were closer and we could hang out more often. but I am very happy the way things are. I love to read the stories here and some of them are pretty wild but very enjoyable. keep up the great stories guys and gals hugs to all !!!

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