weekend wetting

weekends are made for pissing, right?

so i dressed in my favorite pissing pants. Well fitting, thick and absorbant. And over them pulled on my plastic pants. Jeans and T shirt completed the ensomble. I had drunk several cups of tea and was nearly full to overflowing and ready to go out and have some piss fun. I also had a rumbly tummy that i just put down to the heavy pasta meal that i had last night.

I donned a coat and went to put on my shoes. Bending over to tie the laces was not easy. Every time i went to do this my bladder screamed for relief and threatened to pour wee into my underwear. At last the shoes were on and my guts were now protesting.

Ignoring the urge to shit, i went  to go out of the door. The phone rang. Should i answer it?

I answered it and was then in a full conversation with a friend.

All the while we were talking i had to keep jiggling around so i didnt piss, and clench my bum cheeks together so i didnt crap.

After 5 minutes or so i felt i had to break wind, so i slowly unclenched my buttocks. At this point i knew there was more than wind. It was a full blown torrent of liquid brown liquid crap up there.

Still talking on the telephone i tried to re-clench my bum

All of a sudden it all rushed out into my underwear filling first the crack of my arse, then up toward my back and finally, forward around my bollocks.

Still having the phone conversation, i was now unwilling to move for fear of all this liquid crap going everywhere.

Now not able to jiggle my legs, my piss decided it had got to come out too.Trouble was, it had nowhere to go because of the brown load already there, but i had no choice. So there i was. Talking to my freind on the phone like nothing was happening, already having shat myself and now i was pissing for all i was worth. The relief was unbelievable. All the piss and shit was running down my legs and i was feeling as horny as hell.

At last the end of the conversation and now the tricky job of cleaning up. Taking tiny steps i waddled to the bathroom, got into the bath and started to take off my clothing, turned on the shower and washed myself down. By now my erection was huge and urgently needed relief too. The water from the shower head was enough to get me cumming with a bang.

What a great day, and i hadnt even got outside yet.

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