weekend break

day 1 (Friday night)
mom drops me outside and James(cousin) comes to greet me and shows me around then i to tell about how i’m doing and stuff so i mention that i am still a bed wetter at the age of 14 and have day accidents frequently but i do have diapers to where so at first he is quite shocked but then dismisses it and carry’s on talking about other stuff
so i say that i am going to get ready for bed so i take myself,clothes and diapers upstairs and get undressed rediaperd then put pj’s on so i sneack into james’s bedroom to be greeted by a family-er smell to fine yellow stained bed sheets and diapers on the floor “see your not the only one” says james who is behind me i turn in surprise then give him a hug and say good night
to be continued 

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  1. çà ne doit pas être facile de vivre avec cela … de vivre avec une couche continuellement au risque de mouiller son lit ou ses vêtements, surtout quand on est ado … comment réagir quand on est scolarisé et que l’on a souvent des accidents humides et d’être sans couche ???
    Et maintenant, comment tu vis ? Tu as toujours des accidents non contrôles ?

  2. I bet it’s good to know that you’re not alone in the family WW19. And how old is James?

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