Weekend adventure

Last weekend Mom and I and Sally had not pooped for a couple of days,so on Saturday morning we decided that we would go out that night and have a big meal at Chuckarama.This is a food place in Ogden,Utah where you pay your money to get in and then eat as much as you want of anything you want until you are well stuffed.It is only a short drive from the cinema on 23rd St so we could see a movie after eating.We checked the online site for the cinemas and found one movie that started at 9pm and decided that this one would do nicely for us.We spent a little time sorting out our clothes for the evening and each of us settled on Black yoga pants and a skirt over them to hide our butts.We each had our good snug fitting cotton panties of course and chose warm shirts as it would be pretty cook when we got out of the movie.

We kept busy all day with shopping and reading and about 7pm we drove to Chuckarama for our dinner.Mom took her handbag with her with a bottle of Lactulose liquid stool softener inside as we did not want to take it too early since it works in three hours.We wanted to watch most of the movie before it started to work on us.We had a wonderful meal,well almost three meals to be honest,with plenty of drinks and it was 8.30pm when we decided to leave and make our way to the movie theater.We were really stuffed and had already taken a good gulp of our Lactulose about 8pm knowing that at 11pm we would be really ready to poop.We parked at the back of the theater right by the exit doors that we would use to avoid going through the bright foyer on our way out.

We bought some chocolate candy and drinks as we went in and then chose our seats near the back of the theater so we were not too close to the screen and also in a less populated area that was darker.There were quite a few people there but they seemed to stay at the front,so we were all by ourselves which was just perfect.We could feel the gentle breeze of the air system blowing up from the front of the theater and then the lights went out and the film started.Adverts and coming attractions and then the main film began. We all sat back in comfort and enjoyed it as we nibbled on our candies.All was well until about 10.30pm when I began to feel stirring inside me telling me that I was going to poop quite soon.I nudged mom and Sally and whispered I was feeling a need to go soon and they whispered back that they felt the same.All was going according to plan.

It was only about 15 minutes to the end of the movie and now we are all having trouble holding in our poop as the Lactulose plus all that dinner is wanting to move out.One last look all round and there is nobody seated close to us,so we can stop holding our bowels in check.I just relaxed and leaned back in my seat as I felt a gentle movement inside me.Slowly I felt my anus opening and a soft warm poop started to slip out into my cotton panties.I felt it touch them and straight away start to form a moist mound at my hole as I eased up a little off my seat.I did not need to push at all as it slowly built up into a larger mass of soft mess,filling my panties quite nicely.As I gave a push just to make sure it was all out in my panties,I lowered my butt onto the seat and felt the warmth being pushed forward and slipping slowly over my pussy lips,which made them tingle and I felt so horny.I had already lifted up my skirt at the back so it would stay clean and cover any mess that showed on my pants.

Now I reached between my legs with one hand and felt the soft warm poop all over my pussy now,so I gently rubbed it,feeling the approaching orgasm was close to coming.I looked at mom and Sally and saw that they too were smiling and rocking in their seats,with a hand under their skirts at the front and rubbing gently.Our soft moaning of pleasure was covered by the noise of the movie which was reaching its climax just as we reached ours.As the on screen sound got louder we all gasped as all together we each orgasmed in our panties and then all our drinks came flooding out in one massive pee soaking or panties and yoga pants and the seats.We squirmed in our seats enjoying the last shudders of our orgasm and as the film credits started to scroll over the screen we got up and let our skirts fall down behind us,covering three really messy butts,and walked to the back exit while it was still dark to leave downstairs right where we had parked.We jumped in the car and drove home enjoying every bump and turn in the road that let us slip on our soft warm poop.

Once we got home we rushed to my bedroom and threw off our top clothes until we had only panties on and jumped into my big bed which was already prepared for us.Now we began to touch each others butts and push on the poopy messes and began to get handfulls of soft poop to spread lovingly over someone’s belly and boobs,poking fingers into pussies as we worked.There was a lot of kissing as we fingered and rubbed each others pussies getting into a great frenzy as we worked to give each other one more orgasm.Very soon that happened and we all gasped in great pleasure as we squirted again in our panties adding to the mess and again peeing on each other which warmed up the mess as we slipped all over the bodies of the other two and loved that feeling.We continues to play and enjoy our orgy for a while until we got tired and then we all walked holding hands into the shower room where we cleaned up each of us under a spray of warm water.

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