From my other postings, it is evident that I believe that I started this interest/fetish one afternoon when i had a highly conspicuous accident during a lesson in the school hall where I attended.

Apart from all of the enjoyment from re-enacting it etc, i know that I have become attentive to certain details about how urine as a liquid behaves.

Let me try to explain in various ways:

1) I have pretty much a “flash-bulb” memory of all of the details of what went on throughout that fateful lesson at school – right from realising that I needed to go, through the actual relieving myself and the way that it was all dealt with once discovered. I have a mental picture of the puddle on the floor of the hall and have always been struck by the fact that it seemed to want to maintain its shape and not be too ready to sort of “flatten out” as it were. The outline was very clearly delineated against the polish parquet flooring and the edge of it seemed sort of intact and there was “depth to it”ย  (i ought to explain that I actually wet myself whilst sitting cross-legged, so the pool sort of was created slowly in and around the spot where I was sitting – standing up out of it did not disturb the puddle too much as I sort of stepped sideways and stood on a dry area of the floor, only to start dripping onto the floor there!). So wonder:

Does urine have properties which might explain this – it did not seem to be the same as if I had just spilt plain water onto the floor?

2) Moving on to how my fetish developed, I often used to go into school toilet cubicles and sit on toilet with my pants still on and piss through them – then pull up my trouser over and sit in lessons damp. I was surprise how quickly they dried, going from soaked to just damp in 1-2 hours. On occasions when I went home for lunch, for some reason, if I pissed in my briefs there, I sometimes decided to rinse the crotch in clean water, squeeze them in towel and put them on under my trousers and go back to school. (dark trouser I hasten to add!). If I did this, they seemed to take much longer to just become “damp”. Does piss dry quicker (evaporate) than plain water?

Possibly I am mad to be obsessed with this kind of details!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. U sound just like me, I’am obsessed with this thing to every detail.

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