Wearing stained pants in public

Two weeks ago on Friday evening I had a hot chat with a piss buddy, so while chatting I got horny and peed my pants (dark blue carhartt jeans). Later I went to, still wearing my pissed white boxers. Next morning my jeans and underwear were already dry. After a couple of hours at home wearing my piss stained clothes I imagined I had to buy a birthday present for my grandfather’s 80th birthday and a new pair of jeans. For shopping i needed to go to the next bigger city by bus and train. So i took a shower and because I was still a bit horny I decided to wear my piss stained underwear and jeans again during shopping. Although the smell of piss was not very strong I sprayed some Febreeze over my pants and went shopping. While I was walking through the city and visiting shops I felt a strange melange of shame and horniness. But at least the horniness was much bigger…

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  1. I often walk around with pee-stained but otherwise clean jeans…usually for me it’s the crotch right-side area. It’s hot when a cute guy notices and looks a couple of times :-))

  2. nice..I also wear pee-stained clothes often. Sometimes the stains are quite visible and other times not at all…but I know the horniness you refer to!

  3. I love piss stained briefs and jeans and I´m wearing as often as possible. I love the feeling and smell. It´s so horny.

  4. Totally into the same… Got a couple of pairs of jeans I don’t wash… they’ve got definite yellow piss stains on the crotch. Love wearin em doing yard work, going to Home D with a wet spot on my pants…

  5. I too love piss stained underwear and jeans. I always keep a pair dedicated to pissing in and not washing.

  6. Peed my pants yesterday. I’m wearing them today.

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