Wearing my toilet

I came home tonight, the 1st thing that crossed ny mind was my need to shit. I so love to deny myself the use of the toilet so it was straight on with my plastic pants, two pairs to be safe and then finished off with a big pair of frilly pink panties and then my favourite frilly pink nightie and then i hopped into bed.
Waiting for the inevitable to happen, content with the knowledge that i am wearing my toilet tonight and i dont have to get up early tomorrow.
Laying in bed watching tv, the urges built and i just kept relaxed and let it happen, feeling that wonderful warm feeling as i fill my plastic pants, wearing my toilet around my waist, no meed to get out of bed till tomorrow afternoon, I’m such a dirty sissy 🙂

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  1. That moment when it is too late to stop it is wonderful.The feeling as soft warm poop begins to spread all over your bum and you rock in your seat to push it all forward so you can feel it slip over your pussy and make it tingle so much that an orgasm must be close.

  2. ‘I also love it in my pants, sometimes when I get home from work I have been restrained all day to have a big poop and I start pushing gently in my car on my way home.
    Arriving at home I already have a small poo that is out, I made of the rengement while still pushing and I fill my panty more and more! it’s too good !

  3. That sounds so wonderful,the sensations that come throughout the day as you hold it feels so nice.mmmmm . thank you for sharing

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