Wearing a thick one

I decided not to put the diaper on. He gave me a look that said I made the wrong choice. I chose the white briefs and gave my dick and mental warning to give me warning. We went back to the living room and I made sure to sit on a solid chair. No way would I risk sitting on the sofa. We had a couple of drinks and talked about nothing and everything for an hour or so. I started to feel a twinge and stood up. He grabbed my arms and asked me if I needed help. I said no of course not and tried to shake his hand off. I felt a big urge now and desperately wanted to squeeze my dick so it wouldn’t leak but I didn’t want to do it with him watching. And thats when i felt it. He asked me if I could hold it like an adult. I looked down. The embarrasement of my pee turning the front of the white briefs see through before dripping between my legs. My shame was complete when he said,’My boy should have chosen the diaper instead of pissing himself in front me’. He told me to take the underwear off while he went to get the diaper. My dick was still dribbling when he came back. I couldn’t stop it. He was so aggressive I just couldn’t seem to get control of myself around him.

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