We all have questions, but no one to answer them

So evidently all of us have been experiencing the same issue and that is the complete absence of site admins for PPL.

All this blog post is here for is to understand what is happening, and perhaps what may be done about it? That’d be pretty cool.

We can continue to use PPL as its been “running”, we can continue with the attempts to contact anyone who can do something about it, or is there an option of transitioning to or even creating a new website for us the good people of PooPeeLife?

If so, how would we go about this?

Any thoughts gems and gents?

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  1. Oh and I guess I should add, as I was writing this I was having an amazing “pooping outside” experience!

  2. As I understand it, the old WetPantsBoy site was going to close, but PooAlexa wanted to take over it. That resulted in the creation of PPL. I wonder if that is happening again? While this site is far from perfect, it fills a need and a niche that others don’t.

  3. Every day I log on in the hope that it was all a bad dream, the forums, the chat and everything else will be working just like before, alas it seems it’s not to be. I really want to talk to my friends online and share our taboo experiences, please someone let’s get it working again so that we all can enjoy each others little secrets again.

  4. There is definitely something wrong. I think this all stems back to the video chat going down. My feeling is the forums and the video chat were on the same server, and when that server went down it took the forums with it. Alexa found a host to hold the video chat and the forums, but the forums were open to anyone, thus the spam posts on all shit not related to our shit. Being that the video chat is out in the open, or it was and it might be closed down now, I didn’t venture over there. I didn’t want the world to know what I’m up to.

    Hopefully, if this is the case, Alexa and the crew can rebuild the video chat server and the forum server sooner than later.

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