WBJ – Part 2

WBJ – Part 2

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Vernon and Mark sat down in the mud in their loaded pants and swayed back and forth, spreading their shitloads across their FTL’s and jeans. They moved forward, still facing each other. Vernon put his hand in the back of Mark’s underpants, pulled out some of his shit, and placed it in the front of Mark’s FTL’s, rubbing his shitty hand across Mark’s cock in the process. Mark responded by likewise placing some of his poo in the front of Vernon’s filthy underpants, rubbing away as he did so. This was followed by more wrestling. Their intensity increased as they wallowed in the mud in their pissy, shitty clothes. Their shitty, muddy hands went everywhere as they rubbed them on each others jeans, underpants, cocks, and asses! They dug more shit from each others asses when they needed more ammo. Next, they tucked each others t-shirts into their underpants and pulled the briefs up as tight as they could, giving each other major wedgies!

When they felt that they got as much shit in their FTL’s as they could, Vernon suggested that they change underpants with each other. Mark was delighted. He could now wear Vernon’s trashed briefs and enjoy their feel. Vernon was happy because he could now increase the mess in Mark’s briefs with his own mush. They did so, and after a while, they took off their filthy jeans, t-shirts, underpants, and shoes. Vernon grabbed his dingy FTL’s and placed them over Mark’s head. Mark returned the favor, reloading his now brown undies with handfuls of fresh poo, and placed them over Vernon’s head. They enjoyed wearing their new shitrags! They mud wrestled and wallowed some more. Finally, they rubbed their cocks with their filthy undies until they both exploded with thunderous orgasms.

After they rested for a while, they both said how much fun it had been. Mark said that he was going to miss Vernon’s grungy clothes, especially his filthy briefs. Vernon then suggested that they should give each other their wasted clothes, then they could continue their fun after they returned to their homes. Mark thought that that was a great idea, and quickly put on Vernon’s.poopy underpants, t-shirt, and messy blue jeans. Then, Vernon put on Mark’s also shitty briefs, t-shirt, and filthy blue jeans. They even traded their shoes.

Next, they celebrated the end of their muddy, messy wallow by pissing on each other. They hosed their former clothes down to give them a farewell scent. They both said that they would wear the grungy clothes home, and would never wash them!

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