WBJ – Part 1

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Mark went down to the mudpit to meet Vernon. Vernon was his usual dirty self. His white t-shirt had rips and stains and his tight blue jeans, besides being really grubby, had dried piss stains all down the front. Since there were several different piss stains on his jeans, Mark could tell that Vernon had probably been wearing them all week. He figured that his underpants probably hadn’t been changed during that time either, and so they would really be stained as well, both front and rear. Vernon greeted Mark and checked out Mark’s faded Levi’s and white t.

“We’re going to have to muddy those up those clothes,” said Vernon.

“That’s what I’m here for!” replied Mark.

They decided to start the adventure with a pants pissing. Torrents of piss flowed down the front of their faded jeans, providing each other with a great view of their now glistening blue jeans. Vernon was already standing in the mud pit, so his boots were already wet and dirty. Mark created a puddle with his piss, soaking his high-top Converse sneakers, making them squelch as he walked. The guys walked into the pit, which was knee deep. They got down on their knees in the mud facing each other, and Mark waited for Vernon to start the fun, as Mark was a mud rookie, and Vernon was a true veteran of all things dirty. Vernon smiled and picked up a handful of mud and rubbed it in Mark’s face.

“How does that feel?” he asked.

Mark replied that it felt wonderful and then did the same thing to Vernon. That began a mud frolic, as both of them coated each other. They rubbed handfuls of mud on their crotches and asses and then wrestled with each other, finishing off any remaining clean spots on their jeans and t’s. Mark especially enjoyed the session, as it was new to him.

Then, they undid each others jeans and stuffed mud in the front and rear of each others underpants. Mark was right about the condition of Vernon’s briefs. His dingy, white FTL’s were already heavily stained and ripped. Vernon saw Mark checking out his grubby FTL’s as they received their mud load from him. He told Mark he knew they’d be getting muddy this week, so he decided not to use any toilet paper at all during that time. He regularly pissed and came in these pants this week as well, so he was truly a filthy mess – just the way Vernon liked it! He then checked out Mark’s underpants as he placed more mud in them. He also wore white FTL briefs, but they were in much better condition. There were just some faint, yellowish skid marks in them, plus the recently released piss stains. Vernon also noticed a recent cum stain in them, and smiled as he figured that Mark had done the same thing he had that morning, as he anticipated the upcoming mud session.

They got back on their knees facing each other, and Vernon announced that he was going to take a shit, in his pants. Mark was hoping for this, as he wanted to try this out as well. He told Vernon that he wanted to join him. They then put their arms on each others shoulders, smiled at each other, and then dumped large loads in their pants, tenting out their dingy FTL’s and formerly blue jeans. Mark exclaimed that he now realized the fun he’d been missing. Vernon replied that he knew that Mark would enjoy being a fellow grunge guy!

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