Watched My Friend Poop His Pants (100% True)

My friend and I were seniors in high school at the time. On this particular day, we had gym instead of our study hall. We both chose kickball as our gym activity for the second half of the final semester, so we could stay together in the same class. After we all changed and attendance was taken, the game was on. We were lucky enough to be on the same team. After a little while, I felt like I needed to pee. Then, my friend quietly told me that he has to take poop. We were the last two in line to kick, so nobody could hear our conversation anyway, since we kept a little distance from the rest. Instead of asking to go to the bathroom, since we were close to the end of class, we just toughed it out for a bit longer. During the final position change, we both decided to sneak off the gym floor and into the locker room area. We decided now would be a good time, since we really wouldn’t be seen with everyone moving around. Normally, the locker rooms are kept locked to prevent theft, but our teacher forgot to lock the doors that day. We were able to go and do our business. My friend then blurted out once we got inside “man, if we didn’t leave now, I would have pooped my pants”. I then said, “why don’t you?” He paused for a minute and said “why not?” He paced back and forth for a moment, stopped in front of the lockers, and started pushing. He got this contorted grin on his face, as I could hear him grunting under his breath. I was getting hard watching him, which was making me want to pee even more. After he was finished, he told me to pee my pants, since I knew I had to pee, and the fact that I don’t really poop in public. Of course, I did what he had asked to somewhat even up the score. I think he was getting hard too. After that, he took off his gym shorts and turned around to walk into the stall, and I could finally see the load he released into his boxer briefs (I think he was wearing American Eagle, but I don’t remember, exactly). It seemed like he might have been constipated or something, as it looked fairly big to be a typical daily poop, and that was the day it was coming out (he never did say, nor did I bother asking, so I’m just guessing). Watching him limp to the stall with that giant poop in his underwear got me hard again. After we both got cleaned up, we changed into our regular clothes. I ended up going commando for the rest of the day, but because my friend runs track, he had his compression shorts as his disposal (I figured that because he was brave enough to poop himself in front me, I wouldn’t force him to go commando too). Then, we just stood by the gym doors and waited for the bell to ring. To this day, nobody we knew ever found out.

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  1. Was this the only time he ever did this around you? That is pretty wild that he did it without much convincing.

  2. This was the only time did he did this in front me. And it was pretty bold. I think because it seemed like he really had to go, and that we both had a lot of trust in each other, he could without needing much persuasion.

  3. That is awesome, that you got to experience that though, I know it is something many of us wish we could experience with a friend.

  4. That’s awesome. My friend and I pooped our undies in front of each other when we were really drunk once. I did it on a dare, and I told him he didn’t need to give me the money if he did it too. It was super hot. We are still good friends.

  5. I pooped in my pants in front of a boy when I was in eighth grade. It felt good because it was a load. Cool story.

  6. I pooped my pants with a friend. we were out in the woods and we both had to go I went first so he could watch my load grow then he went. W per had those “70a “short” shorts on mine wee red his were light blue and our bulges were enormous then we went and sat on agree that had fallen and really ground the shit into our briefs. Mix think I had light green tight briefs with a double seat in them man thewere messed!

    I remember some poop sliding out if my freinds shorts by his balls. I was was hung huge for his age to boot it really looked hot. I remember how embarrassed he was with the size of his package. I would have died to have been hung like Him!

    We then dropped our shorts and rubbed our junk together then we jerked off man we would have been killed if we gout caught. We then went into the creek and cleaned our pants out no one was the wiser

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