watched a real accident

watched this happen.

She had brown hair, was short. Wearing tight jeans and a loose fitting tee shirt.

She was waiting in line in front of me, holding her butt and crossing and uncrossing her legs. She was kind of bouncing, nervously looking around. She let out a small fart, embarrassed as I heard her say, “oh, excuse me..” trying to play off the desperation in her voice, while blushing. She returned to unconsciously bouncing and gazed at the ground. This went on for around five minutes before she stopped bouncing.. Her body froze, a cramp went through her abdomen, a long bubbly fart escaped.. she whispered oh my god. I saw her grab her butt, knees bending as she squeezed her legs together as tight as she could. She was starting to go red and I was watching her.

“You okay?” I asked and she nodded automatically. She froze again and I heard a crackling noise, she grunted as her body pushed. The smell of poop began to fill my nostrils and her pants began to tent out. Her poop was poking out before disappearing, grunting, since it hard and solid.. She was concentrating really hard, letting out a few involuntary farts along the way.
Her body was tense, cramps and pushing met her with grunting and straining. A few people turned to stare because of the smell and how her face looked. But she wasn’t done. I swear she was pushing it out now. There was a bulge in the back of her pants, firm and slowly growing with each involuntary strain. the air had the hint of poop. but she continued her accident..

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  1. Cool story. What colour of pants was whe wearing? What did she do after that? Did she finished pooping or run away?

  2. that would be hot to see, I actually witnessed a real accident also with a co-worker/girl I fucked a lot, we had been partying and she had passed out and we had been driving for hours and I stopped to get gas and she woke up and said she had to pee bad and went to get key from the cashier. She walked over to the bathroom but had some sort of trouble getting key to work and ended up pissing herself right there. she ran back to the car obviously embarrassed and told me she pissed her pants and proceeded to take them and panties off and since she had no other clothes rode naked. we stopped shortly after and I fucked her hard and licked her pussy, the next day I smelled her jeans and jacked off while she was at work. im hard just thinking about it

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