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I feel rather like death. It’s some problem, I believe, with my ovaries or fallopian tubes and uterus. It started when I had my first of the morning piss. It wouldn’t come out more than a trickle even though I was COMPLETELY full. When it slowly worked up to its gush, it felt like someone jabbed a knife straight up into me. I was crippled, bent double in pain. I ended up pissing myself in a bad, rather than good, way. I tried to shower off the pee and couldn’t stand. I came into my room to lie down but that didn’t help. I told my mom I needed to go to the emergency room. She took me. I had a slightly elevated temperature, but NO signs of infection. They figured it was bladder or kidney infection but it turned out that my kidney function was good and, as I mentioned, no sign of any infection. So I’m pretty sure it’s related to the fact that I’m sloughing and things are……….. a little dicey up in this bitch. All I know is that I am in terrible, terrible pain. The worst I’ve ever had. It’s like getting a charlie horse in my fucking fallopian tube.

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  1. I hope you feel better. Did the doctors check for atopic pregnancy? Just trying to be helpful. Not trying to worry you. Please take good care of your self. Sending good vibes your way:)

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  3. @unaffectedbanana

    I wonder if this is just a simple UTI. Being a guy, I of course don’t get it like this, however, my kid sister had something similar a few months ago. She was put on some antibiotic and it went away after 10 days or so.

    At any rate, I hope you feel better soon!

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  5. Damn!

    Don’t worry, although that’s easy for me to say, they’ll get to the bottom of this. It’s got to be something stupid. Seriously, it’s those things which are so simple they get overlooked.

    A dumb question: You didn’t get something in where you aren’t supposed to? I hope not…because that can cause irritation and infections. though you’re not infected.

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