Warming a cold walk home at 5am

This has been something I have been meaning to do for a while but just never needed the loo and been wearing the right stuff at the right time. But the other weeks the stars and planets aligned for the 25 min walk from my friend’s house to mine.

We always go back to my friend’s house for the afterparty and this time it was going on for ages and so at about 4.15 I knew that i’d leave at 5am. So, I though I should “sober-up” by drinking lots of water, which may or may not have had an ulterior motive 😉 So by 4.45 I could have really gone to the loo but thought that tonight would be the night that I would finally get to wetmyself out in town haha.

So, I said my fairwells and started the longish walk back. It was soooo cold, frosty in fact, and so I thought I could do with a little warming. Once I’d crossed the main road I thought I’d start relaxing and letting nature take its course. Little spurts began dampening the front of my jeans which was hidden by the top of my coat and the slow warming feeling spread around my crotch. I walked on a little more and occasionally had to slow or stop in order to get a bit more flow going. Soon, I couldn’t really tell if I has stopped the pee or not as I was so wet out the front.

On the boundary of town I really started to let it go and soon my light blue jeans were very much darker. It was obvious that I had wet myself should anyone have been looking as half my jeans were one colour and the other a dark blue, clinging shiningly to my legs.

Now, I live right in the middle of town by the cathedral and so I passed quite a few people at that time. Not sure if anyone noticed or not but was hot to walk passed people with wet jeans getting wetter by the min from fresh pee.

Someday be hot to have someone do it with me/ tell me when to go to the loo out in about one night 😛

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  1. I go out each night and set the pool valves for the next day and almost always find myself doing this when I have to pee real bad!!! I usually lose the battle to hold it in!! It seems naughty but its so exciting to wet my pants and underwear ‘by mistake’. Some times im wearing tight jeans and nylon briefs and other times speedo briefs under cycle style shorts (which is what I swim in). I just love how these feel when warm and wet with pee and they always get even ‘wetter’ after playing with my wet bulge!!!

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