walking the dog

During this pandemic, it is difficult to produce the right conditions for pissing yourself, because there always seems to be other people around. No time on your own indoors, no time to wank in front of the computor, no private time to indulge in pants wetting.
An ideal excuse is if you have a dog that requires walking on a regular basis.
So today i pulled on two soft cotton underpants, pvc protective pants and black jeans over.
The usual stuff over and then a longish top coat to keep the cold away.
The top coat is just long enough to cover most of my arse, and will also be useful to cover any overflow from my plastic pants, if it can be seen at all in the black jeans.
Then two cups of tea, and we are ready to go.
After about an hour, the urge to piss is building nicely. Just right to allow two or three spurts of piss to exit from me and enter the absorbency of the underwear.
It feels great as the wetness spreads slowly downwards, and then into and under my arse.
As the walk goes on, my bladder gets more full, and the purposeful spurts of leakage get bigger and closer together.
Eventually, there is some leakage from around the elasticated legs and it begins to soak into the legs of my jeans.
By the time i get home with the dog, most of the piss in in my underwear, and i can feel the leakage spreading from my pants and down both legs. The whole of my arse is now beginning to feel very wet.
The more i leak, the more i am pushing the piss into my underwear, as i have now got to the stage that i dont care if someone notices or not.
As i arrive on my doorstep, i make sure that all the pee has been expelled and is now floating around freely in the bottom of the pvc pants.
As i bend over to take off my boots, all the loose pee cascades down both legs, soaks into my socks and drips on the floor.
Again, no one notices the odd drip, and my black jeans cover up my wet legs.
The dog has had a luverly time. I have had a luverly time. All that remains is for me to have a shower and deal with my inevitable hornyness, and wait for another opportunity to take another pissy walk.
The sooner the better.
Happy wetting

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