Walking Home from the Theatre and Going to the Toilet…. at the Same Time ;)

I was walking back from the theatre this evening in jeans and loose boxers and a t-shirt and really needed to pee and felt that a poo would be a good idea too. I began walking the 25 mins towards my house via the main well lit paths and thought… these jeans are going to go in the wash tonight, and all but 1 of my housemates are gone so I’m unlikely to be caught creeping in soaked on a dry night.

So as I walked I pushed and relaxed seeing which end would give out first. I walked along the edge of the park and stopped every now and then to let a few spurts out. As the jeans were light blue it didn’t take much for the specks to turn into sizeable wet patches and the tell tail streaks were running down my legs. I did this for a about 5-10 mins and then stopped at the end of the path by the gate. There was no one in front and 2 people walking along the path were still a little bit off. So I gave a push, pee flooded the front of my jeans soaking one leg and a good amount of shit filled my boxers, enough to make a but of a bulge out back.

I carried on my walk before the girls could get too close, relaxing every now and then so spurts came out. The rest of the way home was a path lined by high hedges/fence for about 10 mins. 1 way in and out and very well lit. Sadly no one but the girls behind walked along it so I got through unseen. Then I dipped out the end and stood outside someone’s house and let if flow. It poured out, soaked my jeans so it was dripping through the material, making it glisten. Plus it soaked my shoes and socks and was pooling on the ground.

When I’d basically finished I decided to cross the main road and get to my house. My housemate had locked the door and while I was trying to find my keys even more piss came, soaking my further and pooling on the door step. I crept inside, took some very blurry pics which can be seen on my profile, and then cleaned up. :p

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  1. il m’arrive assez souvent de faire la même chose quand je rentre de discothèque (sobre ou ivre). Il me faut aussi 30 minutes à pied pour pisser et remplir de caca mon shorty avant de rejoindre mon appartement !!!

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