Walking Home From The Pub

Last Friday the weather report was cold and rainy. Knowing that I could get drenched while working, I wore a set of polypropylene thermal underwear under my work jeans and shirt. The nice thing about polypropylene is that it will keep you mostly warm if you get wet. To combat any wind I wore a knee length Army jacket.

It was my last day working for an especially difficult client. In celebration, I treated my subcontractors to a drink at the local pub in Moorpark. By midnight, everyone had had their fill and were heading for home. Outside it was lightly raining. I was having so much fun trying different beers with friends, I ignored the fact that I needed to pee. I figured that I would just hold it back for as long as I could. Finally, I walked to the bathroom after hours of holding back. When I got to the restroom I was burning to let go. In front of me was an Out-Of-Order sign. Frustrated with nowhere to turn, I could hold back no longer. I wondered if I could get away letting go a little pressure relieving spurt. I was buttoned up in a long jacket (ending well below my thighs), and wearing two layers of clothing, I figured that a little pressure relieving pee spurt would never be noticed. As I walked back to my table, I let a pressure pee spurt go into my thermal underwear. I simply had to relieve some of the pressure.

I instantly became aroused as I felt a warm wetness around my shaft. It felt so good, and yet it was so so “bad.” Nervous that I may have let go too much pee, I looked down embarrassingly to see if my pee spurt was noticeable. Fortunately, my thermal underwear had so far soaked up any trace of wetness. I knew that at any moment my crotch could begin to appear wet. I did not want to advertise that I had just wet myself (and liked it). Clearly, it was time to go home. Walking to the door, and a lot less concerned about being noticed, I let go another pressure relieving pee spurt. Outside, I began to feel warm wet pee seeping between my testes.

Thinking about how I had been drinking all night and barely able to walk straight, I decided not to drive the short mile home. I figured that a “midnight walk in the rain” would be good for me. So, I started my trek home. I kind of enjoyed the walk, as happy drunks go. I just made my way home, as the rain lightly fell. Looking down, the outside of my jeans thighs and legs were becoming dark with rain dampness. Rainwater started to drip down the back of my neck dampening my shirt and back. It was not long before I slowly began to feel that old burning need to pee again. I took a shortcut home by cutting threw a condo project to get off the busy street. Now, burning at the tip to pee, I happily thought about my drunken options. My crotch felt nice and warm in my pee wet thermal underwear. I surly did not feel like stripping open my clothing, just to pee in the cold grass. Anyway, someone might catch me, or worse, I could be recognized. All I thought about was how cozy it would be just to pee in my warm clothes. Looking around and seeing that I was alone, I opened my jacket and found that my two previous pee spurts never made it to the surface of my jeans. My crotch still looked dry. Seeing the surface of my jeans not pee wet just did not seem right. I walked up to a tree, leaned back against it, and opened my jacket. This time I let go a nice long stream of warm pee. I watched as warm pee soaked past my thermal underwear before pushing to the surface of my jeans. Shinny pee started to stream down my now totally erect shaft. Satisfied now that my jeans crotch was visibly soaked with shinny pee. I happily buttoned up my jacket to cover the wetness and continued my walk. Somehow now I felt complete, in knowing that my long underwear and jeans crotch were now finally saturated through with warm wet pee. As I walked threw the condo project, warm pee from my last spurt began to finally seep down my still dry inner thighs past my jacket. I knew now there was no turning back. Anyone seeing me now would know could see that I had peed in my jeans. Still burning at the tip, I experienced an overwhelming desire to just let go. No one was on the concrete path in front of me. With my heart pounding in anticipation, I let go in complete euphoric relaxation, flooding my long underwear and jeans crotch with an ever long steam of warm wet pee. I glanced down in time to see my shinny warm pee flowing down and around my rain dampened thighs from under my jacket.

Walking past the condo’s pool Jacuzzi, I saw a steam mist coming from the water. The pool was closed, and all the area lights were off, as I cautiously walked to the Jacuzzi edge. The warm water was so soothing to the touch. Looking around to see that no one was coming, I could not resist to placing one foot into the warm Jacuzzi water. Before I knew it, I had inched down the step, submerging my crotch in the warm water. Suddenly, I saw a couple walking past the pool area. I sank my body into the warm water hoping not to be exposed. I became fully submerged jacket and all. I waded there with the warm Jacuzzi. The current flapped my clothes and jacket material against my body. It felt so good, but was so so bad. Until 2:00 am, I sat there fully clothed wading in the condo’s Jacuzzi watching couples coming home from their evenings out. Slowly the rain stopped. When the coast was clear, I stepped out of the warm Jacuzzi dripping wet, and made my way home very happy with the evening’s wet events.

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