walking home

So me and the other half decided to walk to the local cinema, have a meal after, and then walk home.
So we saw this amazing film and walked to the nearest pub after.
Several glasses of wine later, and a decent meal too, time to walk home.
Halfway home and we realised that our normal walk home was going to be made longer because the road ahead was shut, and no way passed.
So we turned back to walk the long way round to get home.
As we turned into the new route I wondered if I would make it home before I wet myself because the pressure was beginning to build in my bladder.
A short while later and my fears grew into reality. I started to piss myself as we were walking.
I increased my walking pace, but my other half seemed oblivious to my increased urgency and increased pace.
So I decided to let two or maybe three spurts of piss into my underwear.
It felt really good as I was trying to relieve the bladder pressure. And then I couldn’t stop.
The more we walked, the more I pissed, and the wetter I got with piss now running down both legs and into my shoes. By now I was beginning to get turned on, Big time.
The last leg of the walk was uphill and completely dark.
I didn’t care now so forcefully pissed the rest of my overstretched bladder contents into my underwear and jeans.
Thank god they were black jeans.
no one saw what I had done but the relief was overwhelming.
By the time I arrived home I was soaked all down both legs but very happy and very turned on.
At the earliest opportunity, a wank was in order.

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  1. was hoping hear what your partner did when they realised you wet yourself don’t tell they didn’t know ha

  2. Mmmmm, what an exciting time you had and like scoop I was hoping your partner would follow your lead!!!!

  3. You should shit yourself as well next time. I usually wear black jeans when I go out and I will piss and shit while walking in public. A few times i even wore light bluejeans but I’v only been caught once.

  4. Great story and once you wanked if like me you end up peeling yourself again. When I go out drinking I normally wear dark coloured trousers or jeans as I end up peeing myself and sometimes more than once.

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