walked in on

Yesterday I was at the mall waiting for my husband to go shopping .I was urging for my poop since I didn’t go that morning.I walked in the bathroom all the damn stalls were jammed,i finally found a stall the damn lock didn’t work .I pulled my shorts down at my ankles and sat down .then a kid started screaming and kicking in the next stall .His mother was on the toilet pooping to I started to push my turd out I heard a slam it, was the mothers stall The damn brat kid, ran into my stall, yelled to his mom ,Mommy her vagina is hairy like yours omg I wanted to kill that damn kid I, yelled get the fuck out of here .The mom got the kid and left . finally I closed the door and pushed out a foot long turd . I meet my husband and we had a great lunch .

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  1. Damn stupid kid. Lucky kid too. I wish I had been him, and ask you if I could stay with you while you were pushing your turds

  2. Hey Jenny I read that story today on toiletstool.com. Nice to know your on there or also read the site and stole the story

  3. I had a kid open the door when I was sitting on the toilet at a friends house. The door to their toilet didn’t have a lock and she must not have realise I was there. She apologies but then began talking to me like it was perfectly normal so I asked her to leave. Instead of doing that she closed then asked me why my underwear were so dirty and why I had pooed in them.

    When I asked her to leave again she folded her arms and said “I can just tell mom what you have done but you will be in really big trouble then so be quite because your already in trouble from me” After that she began to lecture me and suggested I try to wash my underwear so I didn’t have to put them in the rubbish bin.

    Every time she has seen me since then she asks if my underwear are clean and if I have done it in again since the last time she asked. I’m not sure if she knows I am lying or if she just wants to know but either was she folds her arms and says “your such a liar now tell me the truth or I’m telling mom”

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