waking up


As I had a free morning i decided to poo in my striped briefs as told from my previous posts


I set my alarm for approximately 5:00PM to put my striped briefs on and drink about half a cup of a laxative and go back to bed ready for the ‘explosion’ in the morning.

As morning rised my tummy was gurgling away, cramps were becoming more and more frequent, getting turned on more and more by the feeling i was going to shit in my striped briefs.

As 7:30 came around i was cramping really badly, i couldn’t hold it anymore and what seemed as a fart was wrong, all of a sudden the poo came out really quickly spreading across my bum and all over my briefs.
I turned over to make sure that the poo ran down the front covering the front..

It was the best morning or my life 🙂 

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